POWER Dispute Strategies | Use THIS Strategy to Remoe Charge-offs, Collections & Late Payments

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Our replay from yesterday, recorded as live: Today we’re going over power strategies for removing hard accounts from a credit report like charge-offs, student loans, late payments and collections and I’m going to show you what to look for on the credit report itself to get the accounts removed. If you would like to check out the mini student loan course, head to You can also schedule a call with me for a free consultation at or check out the Live Letter Automation App at


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Video notes:
Most consumers think there’s only a couple
different ways to go after accounts. And today I’m going to
prove to you that that is just not so, so we’re going to look
at a bunch of different accounts on a credit report that need to
remove including Student Loans Collections and charge-offs.

And this is navient, which is a student
loan, and they are notorious for doing one thing, and I’m going
to point it out and this is the way that I
not only remove the entire account, but remove the late
payments. And you’ll see this, if you take my mini course, on
how to remove an update student loan accounts. If This Were
reported correctly, but they reported this way because they
don’t report you as late until you’re 90 days late. And even if it doesn’t say
that, this means Octonauts using August and September are
reported and accurately. So you can use this to remove this
account entirely. So what you would do is you would say that
this account needs to be removed because Was August and September
2020 or reported in accurately, and that October
cannot report as just 90 days late without prior late
payments. Now, furthermore, you can go way into
the other parts of this payment history. Look, we have a hundred
twenty a hundred and eighty a hundred. Eighty a hundred fifty.
This is all over the place. All right? Choose a date, dispute it
and you’ll get it removed. Now, let’s look at the other parts of
this account. Okay, so we have monthly payment. That’s fine.
That’s fine. We have opened a, I don’t really care about them. We
have balance pretty much the same. Yep. So number of months,
so you don’t have a lot to work with on this account except for
the late payment history. And I promise you, I promise you, if
you use this and you use it correctly and you use it,
consistently with student loans and you can get these removed
and guess what? This client has a ton of them. They have a ton
of them. All right. So what you can do is you can have you can first go after
the late payments to try to get them updated but you’re not
going to update this payment status without first going
after, the whole balance, Trifecta thing here.

The problem is, is that this account ends in late payments. There are no further
payment, you know, updated payments on here, but it’s
missing because the balance is zero, this client did pay this
account at some point. So that means that we are missing some
payment history, right here. And it says date of the last
payment. Was 9 20 2017. However, where do you see that? That.
Where do you see that on here? Do you see 9 20 2017 as having
been paid? I don’t. So, what’s the real deal behind us account? Then what you’re
going to want to do is go after this payment history here.
Mention that these are all over the place, you can use it as an
image if you want to, but I would probably just State. We are not using regular
credit repair, when you’re not using templates. We are not
stating a bunch of laws. We are taking the information directly
off the credit report, and that is why I’m showing you this
stuff. All right. So let’s continue Verizon. Verizon is
very difficult and must be disputed a specific way. All
right, so we don’t have any payment history look. Here,
there’s literally nothing in the payment history and you are
going to find that a lot with Verizon. So the very first thing
that you’re going to want to do is go after the date last
active. Then if that doesn’t work, even though we’re dealing
with the same date. You’re going to go after date last payment.
All right. Now, another thing is that this account was disputed
and yet does not. Have a notice of dispute which is required
pursuant to section 623 within 30 days of the date that they
received the first dispute, you can use that to get that account
removed. All right, so there’s so many things on this account
right here. Look paid derogatory. How can it be?
Literally two totally different things. It doesn’t make any
sense. Use this to your advantage.

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  1. Joshua Derstine says:

    Date of last activity stipulates the beginning of the seven year clock.

  2. Deja Starz says:

    I ran across your videos thanks for words of encouragement. I have disputed with all 3 credit bureaus no results sent certified letters and my credit reports show different info. I am very frustrated.

  3. Pizuco 28 says:

    I have disputed the re-aged to one the of the bureau’s on one of my collections that I have, and they came back as verified. I sent them a second letter asking them how they verified it. Waiting for the response. If it comes back as verified again, what would be my next step? Thank you!!

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