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hey what’s up youtube fam brandon weaver here once again we’re talking about the statutes of limitation we’re talking about getting a good credit score and how you want to maintain your good credit history okay so got an individual rights and says hey look i’m trying to dispute and remove accounts that potentially are on the credit reports let’s talk about we’re going to see if they are or not and they are outside the statute’s limitation the statute of limitations are up on this reporting of these accounts okay maybe it’s been that full seven years or maybe it’s been sometimes bankruptcy is ten years and this is why you wanna dispute and get these negative nasty ronnie’s unverified accounts off now because credit repair starts now that’s right you can use 609creditrepair.com or we can do the work for the awesomelifegroup.com you can get that beyond committed package at 609creditrepair.com or we can do the work for you this is why you want to dispute now because you don’t want to be waiting seven years 10 years you don’t want to be waiting forever okay so this individual say hey man i’m trying to remove this account supposedly status limitation up on it but when i dispute it the bureau’s come back saying the account is not found the account is not found so is it there is it not there so make sure you’re pulling your official credit reports with the three bureaus if they’re sending you an updated report and it’s not any reports it’s probably not in your reports perhaps you’re seeing from a third party or an old report or something of this nature right now if it is there and you can show it’s there and it is hindering your score you can dispute it right you can file a complaint with the cfpb and that’s a potential violation they’re not allowed to have stuff over the statute’s limitation on the reporting right so not only dispute unverified you know obsolete right this outdated information but if you had to okay that that could be a potential violation that you could utilize to not only leverage that not only leverage that to get it off there but hey there’s fines up to thousand dollars if they’re provided evidence right away that they don’t pro they don’t change the information when they’re provided evidences outside the statute limitation it could be higher that could be this up to you know it’s not legal advice or not but you know it could be up to uh the damage etcetera at that and and that stuff is open and available to you so that’s another potential possibility we’ve got all this great information for you to repair credit here on this channel so hit that subscribe tribe button okay hit that bell for notifications now and another individual said hey look i’ve got good positive history right that’s how you get that high credit score so 700 800 keeping good on time payment history it says i have an account that was closed it is not negative it’s not negative no late payments or collections etc nothing there’s nothing negative about it and i would like to remove this from report how do i do how do i go about that you don’t want to remove that from airport you want to maintain good positive history forever and ever and ever just because it’s closed doesn’t make it negative okay sure you know of course like to have it open revolving account they’re utilizing of course but yes i closed some accounts that i didn’t know any better about you know keeping them open when i was you know younger didn’t really understand that but now that we’re wise to this credit game and understand what we need to do you can keep accounts open for a long period of time if you can do so and it works for you and you know you don’t have the annual fees that you may not want some people are cool with annual fees no biggie they’re getting travel amounts of getting cash back or maybe they’re getting their annual fees away up to whatever but if it’s working for you and you want to go ahead and keep that card open forever. 609creditrepair.com you can get that beyond committed package or we can do the work for you at theawesomelifegroup.com

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how do you dispute a negative on your credit report

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