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  1. Kerena Only says:

    How long do you have to wait to dispute early warning and chexsystems? My accounts were closed Feb 2018 for a bad check? Can I dispute it’s only been 6 months?

  2. Tricia Conenello says:

    Also, What if I was late getting the third round of letters out?(by a month) Should I restart or just continue with the third round? Thanks

  3. Jack says:

    Ordered your book on amazon man. Great stuff. Just from videos of yours I’ve developed a great strategy to recovery from our 2009 recession. And I am up 140 points.

  4. Tricia Conenello says:

    Which package do I purchase with collection letters? I only see medical collection letters. Thanks.

  5. d.Belles Tapestre says:

    Hi there! Your videos are so educational and eye opening. I have the 609 package but I also had a question before I move forward. I sent a message via Instagram.

  6. Kyle Gilbert says:

    I've got a wells Fargo credit card that I got through Jeff lynch and it's a yr past due. Should I pay it off then try and get it removed? I tried to talk the collection company into getting it removed but they said no so like you said don't pay collectors I didn't. If I paid it I'd pay wells Fargo not the collector but should I go ahead and dispute the credit card?

  7. D. John says:

    do we send the 1st round of 609 letter off to creditors also? or a dispute/verification letter to creditors at all throughout this process?

  8. Black Beard Dave says:

    Have an account that has a few late payments, but the account was just sold to another lender, will these lates show up with the new lender as well? Should i dispute late payments with the original? lend

  9. Fit Yoga says:

    Hi Brandon! Can someone from your team please contact me? I need to set up a consultation.

  10. Amin A says:

    How come you don’t talk about freezing Chex systems? You can freeze them too

  11. It's Drew!! says:

    I have two accounts (one closed, the other in good standing) with semi high balances which is hurting my debt ratio. Should I get a loan to pay them off and be done with them or be patient and pay them off as soon as I can. Worried about my score or will the two paid off accounts offset this new (loan) acct?

  12. Doyan says:

    Hey I got a letter from Transunion back saying they need 15 additional days to investigate the disputes. Is this a good sign? Or doesn’t mean much?

  13. barbara wright says:

    Thanks for being more specific regarding the closed accounts.

  14. TheGatekeeper2018 - says:

    People just stop writing checks ,it’s 2018! Just use your debit card or use a money order.Make your financial life simple!

  15. Jamie Scott says:

    Iam in ChexSystems through Capital One and I have no clue what it's about and it's over $3,000 they say I owe them I don't know nothing about it what do I do

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