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Today we’re going over a credit bureau dispute letter strategy that I call the PolyAngle Strategy. This is where you attack them from all sides and get your results by annoying them! This can be used to remove virtually any account from your credit report and we do this by disputing with the collectors, creditors, credit bureaus and making complaints with the CFPB, BBB, AG, FTC, disputing personal info, inquiries, splitting up our account disputes, and more.


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⭐️ Video notes:
What’s up? Today We’re going over What I call the PolyAngle Attack.
And basically you are just leveraging the power of “Annoying” to get results.
Now, Here’s how it works.
A lot of people think they, you just send out one round of disputes per month.
And that is not the case.
Now pausing there, real quick:
If you want to learn how to do factual-based disputes, how to do methods like this and use tactics and strategies that actually get results head over to Vault.my 7:40.com, or check out any of the hundreds of videos that I have right here on my channel.
Now, as far as the PolyAngle Attack all that means is that you’re not taking one Avenue to get your results.
You’re coming from all sides, right?
So for an example, you’re disputing a third-party collection.
You are going to do your initial dispute.
You’re going to wait about 15 days.
You’re going to send out a dispute to the bureau’s and then you’re also going to start disputing your personal information.
Now, if you have a mix of accounts, which people normally do, you’re going to do your Bureau disputes for your other non third-party collections, if you have accounts, Then you are also going to send out your initial dispute on your collection account.
And then you’re going to send out your personal info disputes.
And then you’re going to send out your next round of disputes for, you know, your collections and then you’re going to send out your inquiries and then your going to dispute again on your account and go to letter to on your collector accounts.
Now, as far as complaints go once you actually have violations like violation for failure to enter the required notice a dispute pursuant to section 623 or Reinserted account which is section 611.
Now you have something to work with and you can start making your cfpb, complaints your bbb AG, so on and so forth.
So again, we are coming from all sides and we are consistently sending out three to four different disputes per month per Bureau.
And another thing is that you can actually chop up your account so you can have 10 accounts on one letter 10 accounts on another letter.
10 accounts on another letter so on and so forth, Max of 10 accounts and you’re going to send those out at Different times Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Monday of this week and the next week we have another round go out so on and so forth, right?
So you are always annoying them, consistently consistently, consistently know if you have creditor disputes that you can also send out, then you can add another thing all up in this makes.
So what I want for you to do is think of how you can chop up your disputes and your complaints and add more into this, so that you can get your results if you have questions, or you want to see if I can do this for you.
First of all.
If you have questions comment on this video after you like it.
Subscribe if you haven’t done, so, and if you want to see if I could do this for you head over to my 7:40.com and schedule call me, and I will see if I can help.
But today, that is it, as far as leveraging, the power of annoying to get your results, and I will see you later.

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