Police launch manhunt over murder of 4 men

Police launch manhunt over murder of 4 men
Victims attacked and killed on suspicion of being cattle thieves
Families demand arrest and prosecution of killers


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30 Responses

  1. Zulfah Mohd says:

    Arrest all of them. Watasemana one by one. Nkt

  2. Brother Abbass says:

    Nyoa rasta, be decent so that you won't be mistaken.

  3. henry Yogen says:

    Mob justice… result of a failed judiciary system

  4. Kushu OG says:

    Justice be done

  5. Mabawa Vocal says:


  6. Catherine Kiluva says:

    Roten country

  7. Liza Gordon says:

    This is why I don't support mob justice. So sad

  8. The Elephant says:

    Vote wisely so you can have your police answerable to sane people and have them vet better orders when time comes. I blame such murders on all voting Kenyans

  9. Guanzoh kangara says:

    Kwa hii country without money waaaaaaah huna say

  10. Guanzoh kangara says:

    And kenye hawa watu hawataki watu wa jue its the facts bana tulipatiwa akili bana mbona reasoning yetu iko poor ivo ..

  11. Guanzoh kangara says:

    Hawa big fish siku za election wanajifanyanga ma hustler kabisaaa alafu ukimchagua ana hire security ya watu kama 30 na gari zina cost 5 times his salary ati msimfikie

  12. Guanzoh kangara says:

    Wanajuanga wakenya sisi ni wale wale una danganywa na peanuts

  13. Guanzoh kangara says:

    But one fact is that mwizi wa kuku hawezi skizwa kwa korti lakini mwizi wa millions and millions of money ana lala kwake na ameekelea miguu juu ya meza

  14. Guanzoh kangara says:

    Na hawa big fish wamerealize the secret to control us bana …..mtu anakuja na 50 bob ama 100 mnaanza kuuana bana such a shame

  15. Guanzoh kangara says:

    Na ujue in every disaster yenye ina happen hawa watu wana ichukulia kama biashara na sisi tuko apa tunawa support

  16. Guanzoh kangara says:

    And us as Kenyans we should not allow any politician or any big fish in the government to tall about the crimes that us youths are involved bana hawa watu wanachukua pesa zenye zinafaa kutusaidia kufungua mabiashara bana wana tumia hio pesa kupeleka watoto wao outside country for education juu wanajua wizi yenye wamepiga apa nje

  17. Guanzoh kangara says:

    KENYANS!! KENYANS!!! the same same people who are launching the manhunt are the same same people who are killing us bana kwa ni tutawahi funguka macho lini bana for sure bet and i can bet you all money on this case that they will not do anything you know why, they act like Guardians and protectors and they are the same same Predators that are killing us

  18. Jane Kariuki says:

    Kenya is a third world banana Republic

  19. steve k says:

    this people are not dressed as cattle rustlers….it is common sense

  20. dt wach says:

    Dumb imbeciles killed innocent kids??do even try with my kids??am coming not in a nice way..tit for tat

  21. A.k says:

    Kenya police i.e. Promise FC. Useless org that needs to be cleaned from top to bottom.

  22. Alex Muya says:

    Ambitions ni kueda into a stranger area with dreadlocks?

  23. Alex Muya says:

    Learn to advise your kids …what is purpose of dreadlocks?? Criminals

  24. Alex Muya says:

    They should start with police who killed the two brothers in embu shame on u useless Maron

  25. Paul kang'ari says:

    Pole ni dawa goma ici

  26. Whatever This is says:

    It's funny how people with dreadlocks are being profiled and accused of crime yet people holding high office, leaders wearing suits with bald heads are the real criminals. So sad our minds are still colonized and decivilised yet we claim we are independent.


    This ain't cool at all what's wrong!!!!

  28. Mwangi Maina says:

    Very sad if those devils are sleeping and feeling good in their homes … JSU is also deadly asleep, those perpetrators should be tought a lesson once and for,all

  29. Mwangi Maina says:

    JSU inafanya kazi hao watu sai hawafai kuwa wanalala

  30. Juma Suleiman says:

    Sasa hata hao jamaa ukiangalia hawakai kuiba ngombe. Some communities need to be modern. Ujinga wa kufuga pre-historic breeds of cattle na Sasa they still think man's wealth is determined by the number of imaciated cows.

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