Po⃠LICE SLa⃠PWAH Wanga Double MURD@ St. ANNS Nutsy Behea⃠ded He@D F0und Roasting & S0UIJlE K1LLED

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MY View TV Was Created to give you the exclusive Reviews both in News and Entertainment. My View TV, main goal is to provide social commentary on social issues, News Stories and Music Review in an entertaining manner on topics that most people might find interesting. Feel Free to Check out exclusive content and the latest reviews on music from all genre . NB: no fáctico

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32 Responses

  1. Real talk SLAP WEH BOSS, man yard she did deh, poor muma, and did pickney don't even call her and tell her whereabouts.

  2. Every day them see and hear say fe beave them self if them dont want to hear fe them bisness them no love fe hear you talk it burn them you see

  3. Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK .I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL.GOD BLESS YOU

  4. JODEY SAMMS says:

    Blessed Sunday Slap way boss and Slap way nation…….how di game stay? No a nuh Jamaican and Canada me a talk we naah go no where inna dat ……. 2 love police vs 87! Pronounce ….one a St Ann & one a Clarendon!

  5. INDECOM soon charge the police them a bet u any money the police on duty ago get charge

  6. Lord if you not too busy take a look down on us please

  7. yes mammmm god bless 1lov

  8. Why is indehcum wasting their time this a croc;

  9. Blessed Sunday
    Every day above ground is a blessing
    Slap them weh yes..
    Bless up uself My View ❤

  10. What a day when My View Get Slap Weh! Easy no Slap Weh Boss, You Alone fi deh inna di World.

  11. Happy Sunday stay safe and have blessed day

  12. A great and blessed day to all who are here today. My View, you’re doing a good job with your platform. Talk the things the way that you see them.

  13. Gavin brown says:

    Bike are rabbing people's days on nights we need Mr Adams back

  14. Gavin brown says:

    Gunmens take over Jamaica we need Mr Adams back on the road

  15. Glad to know that this monster has been taken out of the society he was a menace to society. I am glad no officers were killed or seriously injured. Why was this man out on bail . in connecticut if he is on bail he should have on the bracelet and could not leave the area. Indecom should.leave the police let they do their job. A friend of mine is in prison a hard crime fighter in clarendon because of indecom he is away former police officer. Collis. Brown oc chucky. Brown

  16. Gavin brown says:

    The police have no leader we need Mr Adams back on the road

  17. Gavin brown says:

    We need Mr Adams back

  18. Gavin brown says:

    Death for all gunmens death for them all gunmens must die

  19. Gavin brown says:

    Death for all gunmens must die death for them all gunmens must die

  20. Gavin brown says:

    Get rides of all gunmens death for them all gunmens must die

  21. Don't say that My view some of the children are forced to go with the men

  22. When adding me to the group just give me a text it's my view TV yeah and then I'll the video

  23. Bless up mi gee and thanks eat a food amen

  24. Sheryl Hardy says:

    Happy Sunday Myview blessings

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