PM said his administration has done a very good job , managing Ja crime.He defend Gugu , Chang,Meade

PM said his administration has done a very good job , managing Ja crime.He defend Gugu , Chang, Meade

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is insisting that his Administration has done “a very good job” in managing the country’s crime problem despite a more than 10 per cent increase in the murder rate this year when compared to the corresponding period in 2020.

Holness has also defended the stewardship of the Commissioner of Police, Major General Antony Anderson; the retiring Chief of Defence Staff, Lieutenant General Rocky Meade; and the Minister of National Security, Dr Horace Chang.

“The Commissioner of Police, the Minister of National Security, the Chief of Defence Staff have all been doing, in my judgment and grading, a very good job with the resources [that they have] and the particular circumstances, which are in some instances, unique to Jamaica and very extreme…”said Holness.

He made the comment on Sunday as he responded to questions from journalists at a Jamaica House press conference where he announced the resumption of States of Emergency [SOEs] in seven police divisions across five parishes. The prime minister’s announcement of the reinstated SOEs came came hours after it was telegraphed in several Whatsapp groups on Saturday evening that the emergency measure was being reintroduced.

SOEs were discontinued the day before Nomination Day in August last year, ahead of the September 3 general election. A subsequent Supreme Court ruling in September 2020 determined that aspects of the SOEs were in breach of the constitutional rights of detainees after five men successfully challenged their protracted detention. Certain orders issued by the security minister were also found to be in breach of the Emergency Powers Act which was recently amended to allow for the resumption of the SOEs. The matter is still before the Court of Appeal as the government challenged the Supreme Court ruling.

While making the point that his Administration has done an overall good job of managing the crime problem, Holness argued that there are however, some issues that are over and above the capacity of regular law enforcement to address.

“This is not a new point that I have made and this is not a point to be taken in a political way. There are circumstances that whoever is the government, whichever government, the nature of our crime and the nature of our violence is such that it is over and above the capacity of the existing institutions of the state to address”.

According to the prime minister, the government has been in a political debate, particularly with the parliamentary Opposition “regarding how we can increase the immediate capacity of the state to respond to the scale of the increase in crime and the nature of the violence in crime”.

“We have pioneered the use of the SOE in responding to what can only be described as a national emergency,” he emphasized.

Holness argued that “Until we recognize that violence is similar in nature to a pandemic, to a disease, and we agree that the same principle that we have applied in the pandemic where we declare it an emergency and we all as one society dealt with it, until we recognize that then we’re going to continue to ask the police to solve a problem that has started in the breakdown of our families, and our homes and communities and national leadership and the degeneration of morality and civility in the society”.

The prime minister highlighted that the government has put in place a commission to study the issue of violence and advise it “as to some of the things that we can do and we’ve also put in place the commission to reform our education system”.

“These are two important planks of the social reform that is necessary not just to enable us to deal with the crime problem, which the police are dealing with…the issue that we have is a violence problem which you’re seeing in the ultimate expression of violence which is murder…we are in an emergency with this matter”.


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36 Responses

  1. Everet Thompson says:

    These politicians have no shame and no heart,only a revolution can save Jamaican.

  2. Clovetta Murphy says:

    I pray the day when Jamaican people will open their eyes

  3. Clovetta Murphy says:

    Real talk

  4. alan scott says:

    Insulting the intelligence of the of the fools who keep a rat as a leader

  5. alan scott says:

    Mr mead has been compromised

  6. alan scott says:


  7. alan scott says:

    Let them loose to do there job and start paying your desk

  8. alan scott says:

    Another month another scam failure and f the poor you done Andrew failure at the staff you have disgraceful persons of command

  9. C D says:

    SOE because they cannot get the people of JA to take the V, just wait and see what is going to happen.

  10. Shantay Makaio says:

    did. primister is. a liar if it was a bank him hood have no job

  11. Joahn Bennett-Scott says:

    If that's their good I don't want to experience their bad. What a shame.

  12. Lolli 97 says:

    Changalong is a crook and a big ginal,he is sleeping dem need fe teck dem ass out of government,noseholeness nuh have much sense

  13. Lolli 97 says:

    Wonder if the state is getting capital from the insurmountable crime and violence that is taking place all across the island

  14. Lloyd Gaynor says:

    PM on his administration only in it for their pockets PM mi lose off you don't end up like Kevin Smith.

  15. Kudjoemystic says:


  16. Jahz Dillion says:

    bless up Lonesome,PM an friend dem real man, ah Christmas money dem want from poor people ,bout managing crime PM go stop yuh CIA MI6 Chaina from bringing gum dem gun in Jamaica more than man

  17. Nadira Jones says:

    Them a goh up ina the hill goh look fi the criminals like real sojers or them a goh tell yu sey terrain ruff

  18. s ranks says:

    Mr lonesome is the correct man to dissect dis foolishness…..who land di plane….who cut di girl hair….who was driving the other car???….no accountability they are not 'trustable' evil mix wid deception and corruption

  19. Amos D says:

    You caught them out on this one. Murder increase across the island yet they are doing a good job. THIS IS SCARY.
    Thank you many people wouldn't look at it this way. Are you sure,he is sick in his head?

  20. Maud Turnbull says:

    Mr lonesome good evening i didn't know that there is no ferry anymore

  21. Amos D says:

    Tek wi fi idiot. Is this man the minister of security son?

  22. Maud Turnbull says:

    The reason why they use the jdf is because they don't have a job to war

  23. Maud Turnbull says:

    The jernalist them will not say anything and that wrong they are foolishness

  24. Maud Turnbull says:

    The media station who put it out there because it is not TRUE

  25. Maud Turnbull says:

    I don't understand what he's saying

  26. Maud Turnbull says:

    How is it they he called the state of emergency i don't get it

  27. Maud Turnbull says:

    With so many people dieing innocent people

  28. Maud Turnbull says:

    When where how which part

  29. Myrtle Gourzong says:

    Andrew needs to step down CHECK him self inna Penitentiary .

  30. Connie Davis says:

    The prime minister is so stupid that every time he opens his mouth a loud of rubbish comes his dreams he is doing a good job but in reality he is not doing anything at all.

  31. Derrick Grant says:

    So people sit down and listen this ediot PM boy ya this pm boy ya don’t have a clue to what’s happening in the country

  32. Cherry B says:

    Self appraisal is no recommendation PM. In addition Jamaica has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Who you trying to fool PM. We do not need chicken back over here.

  33. Cheff Wisdom says:

    Wayne it is the intention of the Jlp for years to turn the jdf in to a paramilitary force for years ,.it is shaping up know

  34. andre levy says:

    The only thing Anju and his team are good at is public relations, supported by a compliant media , led by NNN.

  35. Transformation for Black boys and men says:

    Lonesome a no the Government or priminister is your challenge eno. It the police is the stone in your shoes.

  36. Clive Hylton says:

    A the worst this me ever see jamaica away from in the eighties and check it a the dutty labourite dem again they are a total disaster and disgrace .

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