Percent Error Made Easy!

This video explains how to calculate the percent error of an experiment the simple way!


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32 Responses

  1. SERUN MONDAL says:

    Sir, you english voice is very clear I always see all problem on YouTube on your channel.

  2. Ella Juan u are funny says:

    Pls how can I calculate it with calculator

  3. Nabin Bogati says:

    Better idea.

  4. Lana del ray says:

    Everybody gangsta till they find you

  5. k3moni says:

    Thank you, I got a state test coming up and needed to see this

  6. Karl Karl says:

    If you have no actual value, can you set the mean is an actual value?

  7. Jack Compton says:

    3,000th like
    This really helped with my math homework. Thank you!!

  8. Elrik says:

    I’m in 7th grade during a test thank u

  9. I see, your a man of culture as well says:

    You don't use percent when using a calculator? I don't need to use percentage?

  10. Bananabadana 37 says:

    I had a math test worth 50% of my grade, thank you for the help

  11. Bassant khaled says:

    wait I am confused, are we multiplying by 100 only or a hundred percent, cause if it was we multiply by 100 percent therefore it looks like we are multiplying by 1 so that nothing would change

  12. 대전 Fox존볼 says:

    i'm so confused, other videos says it's %error = m-a/m but here it's %error = m-a/a

  13. A_QwiVv says:

    Thanks ßitch

  14. Manish Mane says:

    Thank you sir for helping

  15. OA 'UnconN' says:

    I'm just curious. What class topic in Europe

  16. Alexander Kuhn says:

    thank you very well done

  17. Allan Bacay says:

    Sir how about the relative and absolute error? If there any examples of that?

  18. John Lenz says:

    Anyone here reviewing for finals next week?

  19. Nas Sweet says:

    Am i the only 7th grader learning this??

  20. ScarHackz says:

    "made easy"

  21. Alexander Melendez says:

    Thank you very very very much

  22. هنادي ٠ says:

    عكس القيمتان المطروحتين

  23. Fifafame14 says:

    thank you very much

  24. Yurine says:

    wtf is absolue value

  25. Relavationz says:

    Did the measured and actual need to have the same number of sig figs to subtract?

  26. Gøbłïń Kįñg says:

    Everyone in the comments: Not all heroes wear capes.

  27. Litzy Cantu says:

    u literally save my life tysm, ive watched multipleof ur vids for just one assignment cuz its on different topics. ill come back when my assignment is graded:)

  28. syafiqa jeffry says:

    Where can i get the experimental value? Is it the average value? Or you have to find every percent error for the experimental value?

  29. elizabeth s says:

    i just wanna be rich i don’t want to do ducking dchool

  30. Only_ MO7MMED says:

    Thanks alot

  31. Rosendo Higoy says:


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