Parents Learn Dead Child's Identity is Stolen! Tax Identity Theft Problem Growing!

Fair use notice: The purpose of this video is to educate the public about this growing type of identity theft. Since the news clip doesn’t include a solution beyond “it’s up to the victims,” a link to a solution is provided.

Couple mourns loss of 5 month old daughter. When filing taxes, the IRS rejects it, and they learn some one else claimed her as a dependent!

The only help: “file early, and beat the thieves to the punch!”

If you want to learn about protecting you and your loved ones there may be some options.

Experian (see site for details)

Free 30-day trial membership
Monitors 3-bureau credit reports, credit applications, SSN, driver’s license, passport, non-credit loans, address change, credit card and bank account activity, sex offender registry, court records
$1,000,000 insurance
Experian credit scores daily; 3-bureau credit reports & scores quarterly
Experian CreditLock feature combined with competitive pricing

LifeLock (see site for details)

30-day risk-free trial
Monitors 3-bureau credit reports, applications, credit cards, SSN, driver’s license, address change, credit card and bank account activity, investment accounts, sex offender registry, court records
$1,000,000 guarantee
Equifax credit scores monthly; 3-bureau credit reports & scores annually
Thorough identity theft protection and 3-bureau credit report monitoring; annual 3-bureau credit reports and scores; monthly Equifax credit scores; may be costly even with 10% discount


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