Over 15 Soft Pull Credit Cards That You Can Get Approved For | Minimum 500 Credit Score | Rickita

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can you dispute closed accounts on credit report

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14 Responses

  1. Feelgood Jr says:

    Thanks for the info. Very helpful

  2. Ms. DC says:

    Discover It is not that easy to get. Even the secured card.

  3. Trezn says:

    I just got the discover cc I’m pretty sure they do a hard pull

  4. Nycco Tuscani says:

    My Navy Federal Secured Card just graduated to 2k after 6mos.

  5. Casino KC says:

    Will the shopping cart trick work if you have a freeze on your lexis nexus

  6. Jason Gilbert says:

    What's up baby girl .!!! Just found your channel!!!! It's good.

  7. sweetie says:

    Discovered card is not as easy ,as thought

  8. Paul Graves says:

    I would to see a video/videos on citi bank

  9. meehyz78 says:

    Capitol one normally pull from all 3 credit bureaus for one credit card

  10. Darryl Grace says:

    I like navy federal they work with people need more credit union

  11. Lisha Wright says:

    You r the business! I applied for Credit One and was approved. Thanks for the info

  12. oculos prudentium says:

    I wish they would tell us just how much you are approved for before you hit the SUBMIT button and do the Hard Pull.
    You are just hitting for a blind amount with the hard pull.

  13. Rickita Realtor & Credit Repair Expert says:

    Hey beautiful people! Let me know if you are able to get approved. Sign up for my Exclusive Credit Membership for credit up. $1 Credit Membership Trial: bit.ly/1creditmembership

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