Orlando Brown Opens Up About Doing Coke, Raven Symone & Calls Out Jay Z, Trey Songz, & Ne-Yo

Actor Orlando Brown stopped by The Progress Report to speak about his music career and thoughts on the current state of Hip Hop. After his infamous VLAD TV interview, Brown updates us on his current drug usage, porn tape, health, and his dislike for Jay Z and other entertainers.

Orlando also opens up about his personal life and admits he doesn’t have anyone in his corner after sacrificing his childhood and reminisces on past sexual experiences with Raven Symone.

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32 Responses

  1. Perspective is Life not lie says:

    Trippie Redd

  2. Porsche Pallion says:

    Looks like trippie redd
    Goofy like tripped redd
    Looks like trippie redd

    That’s fucking crazy bro

  3. Fonzarelly Play says:

    Exploding this man for numbers. Sad. That’s bad when this guy is your most views

  4. Jorge Askren says:

    He is outside his mind fr.. But he smart.. You can tell because even tho he crazy af he still drops these gems of knowledge and just real sh*t

  5. Cindy Starling says:

    Awesome love Orlando

  6. Billy Jackson says:

    Did He called her a bitch?

  7. Billy Jackson says:

    How does this nigga make money now?

  8. Billy Jackson says:

    He was a cute kid when he was little. Now this nigga is something else.

  9. Senquilla Shivers says:

    I fuck with Orlando he's a lil throwed off but he speak FACT

  10. BIG GULP says:

    The targeted individuals in America are most often Bronze and Copper color Native Americans. As a copper colored Native American, I am a Aboriginal descendant. I think this is a attack on US specifically world wide. The enemies of America around the world are targeting US TRUE AMERICANS to take the countries TRUE HISTORY away. Stay aware, stay healthy in the mind and body, don't look anyone in the eye and finish your business just as quickly

  11. Jamal Sumrall says:

    Honestly this is sad to watch.

  12. Freddy A.R. says:

    This mans talks a big game about God and how he is a follower and believer yet talks about having a pornhub account and jacking off lmao FAKE

  13. Louie Louie says:

    People try to portray him as “Crazy” when he’s the most sane person in the room.. he’s been thru it all, been to hell and back.. and experienced some nasty shit as a child.. you’d be angry too if you when thru what he went thru.. he’s spitting straight truth about the industry and people interviewing him act like they don’t know what’s up..

  14. TC says:

    Disney corporation needs to be investigated

  15. Tanner Rocha says:

    This man on meth in this interview

  16. Mark a. Lewis jr says:

    He be cracking me up and he tells the truth..

  17. Odean Smith says:

    Haters what are you saying about him now after he changed his life n doing positive things! God is Soo awesome!

  18. rondy4441 says:

    I think he is on COKE Right now, he is twitching allot. and that is what they do, he has no control of his emotions

  19. Denise Coleman says:

    Orlando is a changed man sober and great music coming from him ,why not have a interview with him how.

  20. Ron Mangum says:

    they have him a beer and a hit if whatever he's on, and watch their ratings go up

  21. windel12002 says:

    This is STUPID! More time wasted talking about "NOTHING' than spent dealing with Real issues….

  22. Willie Carraway says:

    They laughing at him not with him

  23. Tayari Horcey says:

    These young ladies are very igngorant and this is not funny .This young man is trying too tell what the industry has done too him and everyone is talking over each other .They make the black race look stupid and uncaring.This is very unprofessional come on we can better than this.They make me think when he leaves them he will become their topic of laughs while they smoke and drink.

  24. Karen Battle says:

    What's the difference between exposing someone and snitching on what someone is doing. Because the reason behind exposing someone is like telling on someone that won't let you play. Start creating drama to stay relevant. Dude seem to want to save face and hide behind his demons

  25. Mei Ling says:

    I’m glad I took the time to actually watch this, it changed my whole perspective of him. no Orlando Brown slander will be tolerated.

  26. Tony Dutton says:

    Im leading a pack on taking out all bounty hunters nothing but cop wanna be so i travel the us on looking for bounty hunters already got 2 of them in 2 states

  27. Cody Zimmerman says:


  28. Beverly Boo says:

    He's doing so much better as of today… God has this brother. Check out his new gospel song Smiled On Me. God can use anybody. Amen.

  29. Martin Heita says:

    He just told her to commit to God, when she said she's committed to her boyfriend

  30. Martin Heita says:

    Who ever calls him crazy, they just playin stupid.

  31. iSTILLownaVCR says:

    Orlando brown knows what’s up. But he’s speaking on deaf ears

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