OPW – Episode 8 – Lifetime Mortgage, Small Business Tsar & The Death of Privacy

On this week’s episode, we talk about The Lifetime Mortgage, Small Business Tsar & The Death of Privacy…


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4 Responses

  1. Fuscle Fuscle says:

    Nice one! The HMRC are a bunch of thieves

  2. John McKay says:

    Admiral offering a good deal innit!!!

  3. Richard Harborne says:

    Dear Graham , thank you for all the info and insight in 2017 , i am fully reassured by the mobile phone industry as a good investment , both Vodafone and virgin mobile confirmed to me that they could not and would not cancel my supposedly monthly rolling airtime contracts with them at any time in the future !!! and that if i stopped paying what they asked them they would as a matter of course severely damage my credit rating for the next 6 years, perhaps it is time to invent a new word the "mortmobilcontract", "slavemobile" , "gotyouforevermobile" take care and enjoy the good bits before the bad bits overwhelm you

  4. Sorin Sop says:

    🙂 welcome to the data age!

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