Open Source Supply Chains and Consumption Risk Governance, Containers & Trust by Ron De Jong

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Organisations increasingly rely on open source software from their supply chain partners and outsourcers to power the products and technology they deliver to the marketplace.

Whether you’re an automotive company or a medical device manufacturer, use of open source software accelerates development schedules, and reduces costs, but how do you minimise security risks?

One way some DevOps organisations are facing this challenge is by deploying their applications in containers.

In this presentation we explore this new era of large scale container deployments and how to manage and secure them.

This session will arm you with the information to:

• Explain the importance of open source security to your organisation • Why container environments present new application security challenges • Best practices and methodologies for deploying secure containers with trust.

Ron De Jong
From Synopsys
Ron de Jong is a Senior Sales Engineer, part of the Software Integrity Group at Synopsys. Synopsys helps organisations worldwide to build secure, high-quality software faster.


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