Online Disputes Vs. Written Mail Disputes!

Online disputes have become very popular, and many consumers are figuring out that they can save a stamp, and some time if they use the Online Consumer Dispute Methods available by all three bureaus. A little bit of research online and you will find arguments for and against online disputing.

So what gives?

There are some technicalities within the FCRA that allows the bureaus to bypass certain requirements that have to be met with the standard written dispute. We discuss it in practical terms and bring it into context for those of you who are actively in the dispute process. Take a listen!

The Extra Credit Show is a show hosted by Ex-Debt Collection Agency Executive and Consumer Credit Expert Anselmo Moreno and his business partner Richard David. They have been in the consumer credit consulting and credit repair business since 2005. They often found themselves talking to each other about the current state of consumer credit, debt, credit bureaus etc. – take a listen to the minds of two passionate long time credit repair experts.

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P.S Section 609 Credit Repair Loophole is bogus, in fact it has nothing to do with credit repair. Read it for yourself.

Link to FCRA:



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  1. Yousef Youssef says:

    thank you guys very much

  2. blerdl0cs says:

    OMG! you 2 epic!

  3. turtlew1019 says:

    Like you guys mentioned, I ran into issues trying to attach dispute letter and my proof when filing online. It didnt like the file formats, then it timed out, etc. It took me about 30minutes and I'm pretty tech savvy so I can understand how that would drive people to do snail mail.

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