Officer mistakenly shoots armed homeowner while chasing burglary suspect in Reedley neighborhood, de

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office gave an update into an officer-involved shooting Wednesday, where they said a Reedley police officer mistakenly shot an armed homeowner while chasing down a burglary suspect.
On Monday 38-year-old Joaquin Luna of Orange Cove was taken into custody after investigators said a chaotic night of crime ended in the officer-involved shooting.

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  1. Mistur Loud says:


  2. Happy Raccoon says:

    Better to shoot than not. Just to be safe. In the name of the law. It's the homeowners fault for defending his property. And the burglar is at fault for doing crime and confusing an armed hobby cop

  3. Ruben Scott says:

    Shoot first ask questions later

  4. OPEN CARRY CALI says:

    Take notes. The cops will shoot you in your own home. They’re gonna investigate themselves, how convenient.

  5. sullivan Lynna says:


  6. Elizabeth Parrish says:


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