Obibini | Deceased ( Amerado D.iss)

#TheBreakdown #kwadwosheldon
Obibini, Zylofon Media signed act, drops this new diss song titled ”Deceased”, a direct kick to Amerado. Deceased by Obibini was produced by Tom Beatz


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27 Responses

  1. Samuel aduna Epignosis says:

    OB is serious oo. Can't wait for M.anifest ft OB and Lyrical Joe that would be some serious staff

  2. Starlife_Asiak Asiak says:

    Amerado no reach Bro

  3. theAlpha ITguys says:

    Sheldon pls stop using "unprintable words".

  4. Joseph Adonna says:

    I had always love Obibini. Definition of Rap God Mc

  5. kay dances says:

    You murder glo

  6. ErikGQ says:

    Obi (OBIBINI) is the Poseidon(god of the sea or water) to these fishermen: so basically he is saying he's not a big fish but rather the supplier of fishes. In conclusion he's the plug to this rap thing.

  7. webb quake says:

    OBIBINI, E.L M.ANIFEST , TXT , Gemini, etc

  8. webb quake says:


  9. webb quake says:

    OB noe bi small boy oooo for those who do t know him this noe bi kwasasa ooo

  10. webb quake says:

    Since adisco time ooo OB bi beast ( IDM)


    Ghana dey beee

  12. Life In Style says:

    You know someone is a real music head when he decides to interpret rap. This guy is not. He just got the very easiest & relatable bars and missed out on all of the HARDEST bars. And he’ll be out on Twitter shitting on Ghanaians too.

  13. Patrick Oppong-Sekyere Mensah says:

    Kwadwo Sheldon you're wrong about the Twi and English thing…… See eerrhh… Strongman get bars wey plenty people no dey understand even people who claim to be twi….. It's about RELATIVITY in what you heard…. There are a lot of things Sarkodie even says, you will hear it but if you don't know the background of what he's saying you will miss the bar…… It's about the knowledge of what is being said.

  14. Barhama Accra says:

    Obibini mad passsss. I salute him waaaaaaaaaa

  15. TATIA ADJIMAH says:

    How do we shout these bars, anaa Bar Bars Bars?

  16. RationalDhart TV says:
    One on with fameye

  17. YAW BLO says:

    Ob is good but beef is beef not lectures

  18. Henry Yeboah says:

    Obibini is the vibest rapper In Ghana today

  19. Maxwell Boakye says:

    Mk u never compare obibini…to be the real goat…

  20. Kritiz Empire Official says:

    Sheldon you are just a patrol to fire

  21. Entampe Hene says:

    Thank you for the breakdown cause Ghana ppl dont understand rap music

  22. Bissi Daniel says:

    You over killed it

  23. Bissi Daniel says:

    You were born for the flow

  24. Bissi Daniel says:

    You too good bro

  25. Ganner Goodman says:

    Killer. Rap. Ghanaians yen te brofo. The blogger himself no dey understand all the bars

  26. The Breakdown With Sheldon says:

    Don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

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