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609 Credit repair where we have credit repair letters that work and help you repair your credit fast!

NO ONLINE RESULTS || DON’T PAY JUDGMENT || PUBLIC RECORDS REMOVED || CREDIT REPAIR – What if collections and the credit bureaus are not both reporting the same amounts? What do you do? Default Judgements and how to avoid them.


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A lot of the questions you have can all be answered in this frequently asked questions area, so be sure to give it a read first.

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how to dispute public records on credit report

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22 Responses

  1. Sunny Bkoy says:

    I'm getting fired up….lol

  2. Miguel Figueroa says:

    Subscribe Tribe!!

  3. Bruh Joe says:

    I'm getting fired up!!!!

  4. Michael says:

    I believe in team b weave!!!

  5. Unique V.I.P31 says:

    I disputed online I wish I had known that it’s better to send letters however 30 days has passed and they haven’t responded or sent any information so what is my next step?

  6. j.pierre laville says:

    Hey bro Brendan I’m from London uk I brought your dispute letters I’m about to send the first letter to the cred company’s in uk please help me bro I’m a bit in the dark here does It still stand In England broThanks you j.p

  7. Quinci Casseus says:

    no trickin&trappin lol

  8. Braxton Howard says:

    Hi Brandon I have a collection with portfolio recovery. It now has a judgment. Should I call them and set up payments? I have it disputed with all 3 bureaus right now but I don’t want them to garnish my wages in the time being

  9. C. N. says:

    No tricking and trapping!

  10. Cassandra Holt says:

    I'm fired up!!!

  11. PLANT BASED WIFE says:

    How do we freeze 3rd party agencies like Lexus nexus u said it on the live and I wanted to go back and listen but it’s gone. Please help

  12. Travel With Tiki to get sleeved says:

    I'm getting fired up!

  13. Travel With Tiki to get sleeved says:

    No tricking and trapping.

  14. Jeremy's Chain says:

    You the man Brandon

  15. Raytheking says:

    So I just got something in the mail from a past repossession, it was a signed contract with payment history. Should I send them a pay for deletion letter?

  16. Kay Wilkerson says:

    I'M GETTING FIRED UP! We on their necks..what's up subscribe tribe☺

  17. Blaze C says:

    Im getting fired up!!

  18. Crystal Thomason says:

    I recently purchased the Beyond committed package and I've been communicating with someone in your office via email thank you so much for such quick replies. I was just curious what I need to do about this, I have a bankruptcy that is set to fall off September of this year it will be 10 years how do I go about getting that removed early?

  19. The Fanriot says:

    Is there a way a creditor can weasel their way around the statute of limitations? I got a reply from a collector sending me only the original bill of what they claim I owe. However, the statute for limitations in Illinois for an oral contract is 5 years. That debt is from 12/2012 so the statute of limitations has expired. They sent the letter within 2-3 weeks of my first round of letters. I am anxious to shoot them the second letter and add the statute of limitations for Illinois. Should I send now or just wait the 30 days?

  20. Baby Jay says:

    Question .. in round 1 of letters Macy sent me a letter asking for account numbers and other info I dont have. What letter do o send them back. I have the full pck

  21. kristinamarie0407 says:

    Brandon, I love all the positivity, the energy and the amazing insight! Question about tradelines… Is it ok to open a tradline with one of the big banks that i have a c/o with and am currently disputing? Blessings!

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