Night of the living Dead (1968) – Soundtrack (Full Vinyl Rip)

Night of the living Dead Soundtrack – Vinyl Rip

First press : 1982
Varèse Sarabande

Side A

A1 Spencer Moore – Driveway To The Cemetary (Main Title) 0:00
A2 William Loose / Seely – At The Gravesite/Flight/Refuge
A3 George Horme – Farmhouse/First Approach
A4 Ib Glindemann – Ghoulash (J.R.’s Demise)
A5 George Hormel / William Loose / Seely – Ib Glindemann Boarding Up
A6 Philip Green / George Hormel – First Radio Report/Torch On The Porch
A7 George Hormel – Boarding Up 2/Discovery: Gun N’ Ammo
A8 Spencer Moore – Cleaning House


B1 Ib Glindemann – First Advance 20:05
B2 George Hormel / Jack Meakin – Discovery Of TV/Preparing To Escape/Tom & Judy
B3 George Hormel – Attempted Escape
B4 George Hormel – Truck On Fire/Ben Attacks Harry/Leg Of Leg
Effects [Electronic Sound Effects] – Karl Hardman
B5 George Hormel – Beat ‘Em Or Burn ‘Em/Final Advance
B6 Spencer Moore – Helen’s Death/Dawn/Posse In The Fields/Ben Awakes
Effects [Electronic Sound Effects] – Karl Hardman
B7 Spencer Moore -O.K. Vince/Funeral Pyre (End Title)

Vinyl RIP in Audacity with Turntable Audio technica LP 120 + AT440MLB + Marrantz PM6005 to Soundcard Asus Essence STX

Files FLAC


Turntable : Audio Technica LP120 + AT 440MLB
Amp : Marantz PM6005
Audio : Vinyl Rip on PC by Audacity (FLAC) —- Youtube Compression AAC 192 Kbps
Soundcard : Asus Essence STX
Video : Galaxy S7 Edge


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40 Responses

  1. Mr Boi says:

    i prefer these a bit more high pitch like in the movie, maybe you could release this but at a higher pitch like the movie

  2. fadeout743 says:

    when its slow its boring but then it becomes fast and scary love it

  3. Hécate da Lua says:

    I'm playing" The Night of The Living Dead, a Zombicide boardgame" with this soundtrack in the background : it's simply excellent!!!!
    I love the movie, a great, great classical one.

  4. Troy Starewell says:

    right on this is amazing. Would love to get my mitts on a copy one rainy day…

  5. Mr Boi says:

    "hey you're still afraid."
    "stop it now i mean it!"
    "They're coming to get you barbara"
    "Stop it! you're ignorant"
    "They're coming for you! Look! there comes one of them now!
    "Here he comes now, i'm getting out of here"
    best scene lol

  6. Chuy HIGHman says:

    I play this video from YT at Gold's Gym, when I go to the treadmill & start slow but then go faster like I'm running away from the Zombie's…my wife says I'm LOCO !!! But, I do enjoy this Whole Soundtrack A Lot !!! d((~____~))b

  7. Laser Fist says:

    Is the soundtrack in public domain, also?

  8. Nathan Wygal says:

    When I first saw this, I was loving it and scared at the same time lol. The flesh eating scene was so terrifying with the score they used for it!

  9. Zach Swasta says:

    33:29 He Slowly Approaches the COUNTER

    And you know what he does next?


  10. Dane M says:

    I encountered Wanted: Dead or Alive just in passing on a retro TV channel and thought music from it sounded so familiar to Track 2 – Flight and Refuge. Turns out William Loose did the score for both.

  11. Jhon Mann says:

    Love this wish I could afford a record player and records records at $25 retail right now which is insane

  12. ZYX74 says:

    Some irony about the movie night of the living dead in the movie DuaneJones who played Ben and Karl Hardman who played Harry Cooper were enemies in the movie. Yet in real life they were very close friends and Karl Hardman would become very emotional when he would reflect on the passing of Duane Jones

  13. canaldejhonduck says:

    Es una pena que You Tube no permita compresiones de mejor calidad como de 320Kbps 🙁

  14. o5ange says:

    I like the music when the truck blows up

  15. Ashleigh Kostoroski says:

    There's also sounds about this album I believe in the movie called teenagers from Myers that was awesome released in 62 I believe an old sci-fi movie or teenagers from outer space

  16. Kenw KLS says:

    lot of my hip hop samples came from this

  17. Slacktory Records says:

    Seems like this is the edition to get, expensive as it is. Sounds way better in stereo. Sorry, Waxwork.

  18. A L says:

    So I decided to listen to this while taking a walk alone at night in a vintage ( all buidlings restored to pre 60s condition ) part of town ..Very unsettling…do not recommend .

  19. Rich Moreno says:

    I didn’t know it was this good. I need this.

  20. FailedComedian says:

    The end credit sequence with the strange electronic noises and photos of piled up dead bodies really reminds me of the My Lai Massacre, which only happened a few months before this movie released.

  21. julien H says:

    Ils sont superbe les varèse originaux et le son et fabuleux.. merci pour t'a vidéo. julien

  22. Aleccyo Morais says:

    33:17 Spongebob?

  23. Joshua Insole says:

    This movie and this soundtrack are my happy place — as odd as that sounds, for a flick about cannibals. Whenever I'm sad or bored, I pop NotLD on and bam. I'm in my happy place.

  24. Jimmy Salcedo says:

    I never knew there was an album!!! How cool is that!! I’d love to get this album!!!! Perfect for Halloween!!

  25. sbarr10 says:

    No other zombie movie compares to this one. A bunch of talented people who knew each other combined their talents, improvised on a shoestring budget, and created a classic. The music is incredible.

  26. Holden says:

    When considering the time it was made, could be the greatest horror film of all time.

  27. Duran007Fan says:

    Are they slow moving chief? yeah, they're dead, they're all messed up.

  28. HOLIDAYZ2021 says:

    Hey, wait a minute! That part in SpongeBob! 33:17

  29. Neil Wiger says:

    I have Night of the Living Dead on 3 reels of 16mm film, The whole film, project-able… It's awesome to hear this from such a clear vinyl source… 😉

  30. C Vinyl says:

    Nice!!! been looking for a first pressing!!

  31. Joe Hall says:

    cool , didnt know this was a real thing

  32. Strum Dynasty says:

    Can we please have a download link?

  33. Blake Allen says:

    I can't imagine seeing this in 1968 without any knowledge of what we know nowadays about Romero Zombies

  34. Reel Dirtie says:

    My soul feels at peace

  35. Masa M says:

    I planning this on LP.

  36. Masa M says:

    Sick and scary, but great in night of the living dead.

  37. Mario Dinovo says:

    Highway patrol has clips of this

  38. MrYogipee says:

    "You're acting like a child!"

  39. goduskychris Chris Godusky says:

    Note to self download

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