Nigerian-Naga duo arrested in Delhi for fraud & Cyber Crime

In a major breakthrough against fraud and cyber crime, a team of East Garo Hills Police apprehended a Nigerian national and a Naga woman from Delhi. The two individuals were involved in a Cyber crime fraud case involving Rs 2 Lakhs, following which, an FIR was lodged and a case was registered at the Williamnagar Police Station.

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30 Responses

  1. Mercy Yanthan says:

    It’s a big shame for Naga people this is one of the reason non local look down on us they disrespect us whenever we go out..

  2. Gogo Sitlho says:

    You make proud Nagaland girl . shame on you.

  3. zeliangrong says:

    Shameful deeds

  4. Razk Rhak says:

    What is the name of the woman?

  5. Dimapur fish says:

    Naga maki khan p rendi khan hy ase ho


    Many naga girls sleep around with biharis and bengalis with out being. In relationship for fun not money ,i realised this years back . they are just careful with it and hide it carefully .

  7. Wati Longchar says:

    Please identify the naga woman. Let her name and the village be known to the people.

  8. Sheshe says:

    O come on….. india ke cyber crime culprots to pakde nhi jaate….. play the blame game easliy

  9. Ding Dong says:

    Nigerians are taking over Nagaland…..

  10. explore nature says:

    Hum yaha nagas ladko ke dewani hai
    Aur yeh Naga ladkiya dusra dhoond rahe hai wa re wa

  11. Shawli says:

    Hey hey hey, Naga's are very honorable people rather all tribes of NE are very nice people They are our jewel states of India. Just say fraud person. Bad people are bad not belonging to any region.

  12. Maya Thapa says:

    Very good they should be in jail for whole life

  13. BIDESH Kemprai says:

    Nagaland only but esah Q northeast live should include his/her name

  14. James Lamkang says:

    She feel very proud to having this nigerian guys.every northeast girls should learned if northeast girls with african guys she should be expire.

  15. M Ezung says:

    Why the hell the woman name was not disclosed.?

  16. Children vlogs Deecita says:

    Chura yaar sab ko bara acha lakta hai

  17. tombo sema says:

    Mention dre name also

  18. tombo sema says:

    F u want to show dre picture btr show dre picture properly dnt close dre eyes…so dt public wl knw properly

  19. Khristly Sham says:

    It's a personal choice, nothing to do with naga or north east.

  20. Esther Lalramsangi says:

    It’s because of people like her, so many of us are misunderstood and have to suffer.

  21. Son Of Mountains says:

    Once who go black never comes back!!

  22. MeNoPoppyShow says:

    Comment sections literally off topic!!!
    Crazy peoples…

  23. LemTo Alem Walling says:


  24. Aries Eagle says:

    After watching the hospitality n generosity of the Nagas it sure hurts to learn a Naga being involved in such a venture.Anyways,it is an imperfect world.A rotten apple among many sweet sunkissed apples.Let it be lesson for all North East Indians never to ever get involved in a pack of scumbags.

  25. Avishe Sumi says:

    Thik se phitai dibi

  26. Shonngam Saka says:

    I don't find any good reason why their identity haven't been disclosed. At least, their faces could have been shown clearly for the public to know and recognise their faces and take self precautions at least

  27. Tsumongthong Naga says:

    Etu lopi.. Kam thik nakura khan

  28. BK Sumi says:

    Oh what a shameful those who speaks only bad. Almost all comments are against this Naga girl, I don't know who is she but m sure she doesn't have any hope in Nagaland so she went outside Nagaland to survive. Look at our Government n the level of corruption n don't judge quickly. First know the roots.
    I feel sorry for her. May God saved her.

  29. Shiuto Thuviliu says:

    Why the girls name is not reveal in the News … If she involved in the cause

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