Nigeria Security Forces Kìlled 550, Disappeared 850, Falsely Labelled 3,400 In 8Months – Report.

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20 Responses

  1. DeStar says:

    Bandits will soon demand for palliatives

  2. Onyebuchukwu elochukwu says:

    I support you my brother go on your good work

  3. Maduabuchi Vitalis says:

    Their deaths must never be in vain

  4. Empire Gist AND Gossips says:

    how many did ESN and unknown gun men killed and kidnapped

  5. alberta joseph says:


  6. Chris Ogbonna999 says:

    Criticsnews you and mazi Simon Ekpa are doing a great job for Biafras more blessings to you guys one love keep us together Biafra free MNK now Nigeria government

  7. Pius Ibeh says:

    Now I know terrorist govt do exist, I never believed but the current nigeria govt has proved me wrong,
    ,this fake president bu bu is a complet terror ,Biafra the only hope

  8. Kingsley Obidinma says:

    Let it be on record and this will be accounted for by the caliphates when time comes

  9. Dike Ule says:

    The Fulani Nigerian government must be held accountable, to these GENOCIDE going on in Biafra land and Nigeria in general. UN, UK, USA and European union over to you.

  10. Otas Felix says:

    Thanks for the latest.

  11. Mary Danbauchi says:

    why are Nigerians folding our hands and allow people to continue to kill us ?
    let us sll protect ourselves

  12. Chukwunwike Emembolu says:

    Yes , day of reckoning must surely come. It is just a matter of time . We know certainly from HISTORY of call it War , crimes against humanity.
    The Nazi were hunted down well after the second world war , the apartheid regime of South Africa then . Rwanda and so on.

  13. Chijekwu Basil says:

    The zoo country called Nigeria is poorest country in whole world now, and they're highest borrower in the worldwide

  14. Chijekwu Basil says:

    The bandit will soon demand Buhari

  15. Okey Nwachukwu says:

    They are saying 550,what about the unaccounted thousands of youths killed in Biafra land and berried in mass graves across Biafra land and some in the Northern parts?

  16. suso says:

    Soon bandit will demand igboya as ransome

  17. Okey Nwachukwu says:

    550?how do they get the number? That number is too small. All these killings that have been going on every where. The number should be approximately 2 million plus.

  18. Princess Ezeoha says:

    God will punish them for killing our brothers

  19. Hyacenth ORJI says:

    Let them remember utaba anwuru, Oji gworo, mmi ngwo and may be fro Akwa Ibom Ogogoro. Ndi Oshi.

  20. a b says:

    First to comment

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