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0:00 Intro
1:20 How did you get started in the Conservative Movement?
7:18 Is Nicki Minaj getting Red Pilled?
15:50 More Celebrities feel this way not just Nicki Minaj
19:00 Discussion on Rap Music and Culture
24:50 Weird how they are pushing the Fauci Ouchi
26:00 Covid/ Mask Regulations & Illegal Immigrants
32:30 AOC and The Dress
40:00 Vaxx Mandates & Ivermectin
45:00 CA Recall Theories
1:00:00 Big Tech Censorship
1:04:41 Pro-Black Conservatives


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34 Responses

  1. Jim Bo says:

    Data from the VAERS website… almost 6000 people have died from vaccines in the first 9 months of 2021. 330 died in 2019 from vaccines. Files are there for anyone to download, I did and wrote a simple program to count the occurrences of each symptom. I have those files in pdf format if anyone wants them, just ask.

  2. BlastOff to the Truth says:

    Itty bitty piggy is the real nicki Minaj…. She can freestyle.

  3. Gramma DRM says:

    I would be happy to call your my friends, neighbor. You 3 are amazing!!

  4. Darleen Abline says:

    I'm playing through the people you're going areas with every single citizen in this country and we already know that mass don't work anyway so you have an American has a mask on it's not that matter

  5. Darleen Abline says:

    The next new rap battle Nicki Minaj's intellect compared to cardi B's Junior high dropout LOL you know them too are going hard against each other anyway and now Cody's going to hear conservative twins and be Tatum pump it up Nicki Minaj's black woman in select that big booty big boobie intellect compared to Cory's implants and that includes teeth booty lipo and boobies LOL

  6. Darleen Abline says:

    If they'll have rent the White House with Michelle Michael Obama in the background and Oprah Winfrey and Mike Tyson to knock her out if she don't listen. It's pretty funny though all these supposed hardcore independent women that are being bossed around by the government and they don't even realize it it's like oh they're talking to the government

  7. Pamela White says:


  8. g eton says:

    GOOD make that GREAT MEN. Thank you for sticking up for what is right!

  9. Corey Sutphin says:

    Larry elder lost cuse California is full of liberal racists

  10. Julie Hargrove says:

    Thank you all of you! It’s minds like yours & toughness like you all that will save this country!

  11. Alex Carlson says:

    Happy for all of your success to all 3 of you, you have come a long way and been pioneers. I see men like you all growing up into civil rights leaders.
    Stand tall, you are supported and praying for you.

  12. Jeremey smelltoast says:

    Theres too much right versus left bs it should be right versus wrong thing . We the people are only powerful when we unite .

  13. toni ayers says:

    I follow you but sometimes I get late notifications. I’m not watching live right now. But one thing you have to remember is that people can not be constantly glued to their telephones.

  14. toni ayers says:

    California is owned by China! Their whole economy is based on the exchange of goods with China!

  15. toni ayers says:

    The banks pressure the government. Ultimately it is the banks that are in control of our government and push for legislation. The banks and investment firms own every social media platform! Look at who owns the stock in all of theses corporations. Young Pharoah, who is banned from every social platform, is a threat because he exposes them and backs it up with facts! We have to create a different banking system! Young Pharoah is doing it!

  16. toni ayers says:

    God has different lyrics for Nikki now! Can’t wait to hear a new version of her music! God is at work!

  17. toni ayers says:

    ABL ❤️ your show! I’m from southwest VA! It’s awesome to watch your programs content change lives!

  18. Tom April says:

    when illegals cross into America, they are called democratic votes!!

  19. ivan ulfbert says:

    1.7m subs, only 133k views…hmmmmm…seems a bit sus

  20. No to Socialism-communism-Marxists-demoncrats says:

    Now Niki needs to made a song/album singing against the slavery party democrats and we will all support her.

  21. John Bigjuan says:

    My 3 brothas.Many many many blessings.the laundry list is long so I will just plant this 1seed on the california recall election..our subconscious has one protect us and it hates change or the unknown..Same reasons that someone doesn't leave an abusive relationship or a bad job. Subconscious knows that it's bad but( when your only job is to protect, the unknown is unknown. it equates that to pissibly being worst and failing at the one job it has so it pumps the breaks…. to cement the fear of the unknown the media brilliantly puts out these fear tactics aboit your future wih Larry Elder being all bad a bad.. even though you know he's from Compton even though he's a black man even though he's brilliantly wise that little bit of fear they've sprinkle out there is enough to keep us with our same decisions that we make everyday Booyah God bless my brothers

  22. Leanne Laforge says:

    We didn't have to show ID, we had lots saying that they had already voted when they got to the polling stations, people mysteriously registered as democrats that voted as Republicans in November! We didn't not show up we got robbed!! It was stolen ! You really think Pelosi would EVER let a Republican take over and lose the senate. IT WAS NOT A LEGITIMATE ELECTION

  23. RussiaIsARiddle says:

    Hi Craig. I look forward to hearing more about you; a pleasure to meet you!

  24. I Am says:

    Officer Tatum, your concern, disclosed to you by Lady Representing herself as an airport character/representative, could it be that the Status of the Haitians in jurisdiction where your status is a citizen that is Black have privileges that may differ from yours?
    If there are differences in privileges because of their status in the jurisdiction they are in you cannot ne upset that they or you get to do something different.
    For example, I could be wrong in my understanding g and comprehension of material Being expressed now. Human rights are for human beings and civil rights are for civilians. Not all civilians are considered human beings. If you claim one you cannot expect t9 get the same benefits of the other.
    One needs to know their status in the jurisdiction and their associated rights excitation etc.

  25. I Am says:

    The guy speaking in video up to 5min 9sec mark. I know You need to practice. Now, repeat after me, " My mother became a single parent taking care of my sister, brother and I." OK. Now repeat again. Listeners I want you to repeat it too. Practise it! Learn to communicate efficiently. This is basic grammar that everyone should know and Practise so others listening will know they are repeating correct grammar.

  26. Damon Hazelwood says:

    McCarthyism repeating itself but against freedom.

  27. Leigh Hunter Jumperz says:


  28. Leigh Hunter Jumperz says:


  29. Leverett Dean Harris says:

    The elite wealthy corporate/celebrities run and own California !
    The system is rigged to ensure they control the polling and voting sites. Their support comes the entrenched State, City, teacher Union and law enforcement.

    No way are the Conservatives gonna breach those shores without first exposing them publicly Worldwide as a corrupt Mafia Organization.

  30. Aaron Blake says:

    Nicky did something you guys can't do. She actually did show she think for herself. She didn't go with her ideology speak word for word like you guys. It sad, I would love to hear one time your veiw point are different than ideology. You trained, I don't think you have in you.

  31. AstroFly Insights says:

    Those symptoms are in VAERS though, the CDC's own database of adverse reactions.

  32. bbswamp says:

    twitter needs to be driven out of business. it can be done.

  33. Deezeone says:

    Joe told you aint

  34. Pacthes Harwell says:

    R.I.P Black Hollywood…

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