New York Times: Doubts about last U.S. Missile strike

A New York Times investigation has revealed the US may have mistakenly targeted an aid worker in a drone strike that killed 10 people in the Afghan capital in August.
The US military has said it was targeting ISIL

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46 Responses

  1. Crus Harold says:

    US President Biden just keeps f**king things up.

  2. ghazanfar ali says:

    There is not just only civilians there are 6 children as well you need to be truthful

  3. mohamed musa says:

    This is what they have been doing for the last two decades. Killing innocents people is what they do best

  4. Hicham - BS says:

    one day this evil of the world "US" will pay for all its heinous crimes

  5. Andrew L says:


  6. Russel Street says:

    aid worker and 7 kids blown up biden says they were isis

  7. loyal 1 says:

    Is USA gonna pay for destroying the country of Agstan like they did with Germany in ww2

  8. Siva Nishaharan says:

    USA will be back in 2-4 years. Enemies who become neutral will become enemies again (just like USA VS ISIS).

  9. Waqas Bashir says:

    Slowly media funding sources will disappear and AlJazeera will become "Fake News"

  10. Yahya Pandor says:

    Investigation for 20 years and tell me how many innocent people die in air strike ?

  11. Evon Erfin says:


  12. BlueRanger says:

    Haha we all knew this was a botched job from the beginning

  13. Shadz Nabz says:

    Americans always do that on purpose, it was never a mistake

  14. NOTHING NEW says:

    The Taliban if they are going to be the intrem government must take responsibility for any loss of life including bombings under their control compensation must be paid to victims of airport bombings also

  15. Jason Bourne says:

    Aid worker knew too much.

  16. Cwesi Anno says:

    One day America will suffer and die on their own lands bcus their enemies are planning a revenge. Never believe in your stupidity that you are strong. There is turn for everyone. One day u will suffer bcus people are also building secret machines u don't have.

  17. Sutikare Oluwagbenga says:

    US "intelligence". Best oxymoron ever!

  18. Boqor radio says:

    They never killed any right person- the so called terrorists lives in their country!

  19. Abhinav Sood says:

    America , Qatar, UAE all are killing civilians.

  20. Invicta Magerit says:

    NYT and Al-Jazeera must be kidding!! Did they realise that just NOW?? This was widely reported by international media such as WION, RT and CGTN weeks ago.
    What is this? Another exercise by Western media ignoring other media? Like "thing only happen if we, and only we, report about them"? DISGUSTING!!!

  21. Like Music says:


  22. Lucky Sky says:

    Qatar and Talibans are face of same coin

  23. mohammad aman says:

    USA the Number one terrorist country in the world, attacked Iraq and killed thousands of people on false information. Vietnam, Afghanistan etc.

  24. Aadil Rashid says:

    USA is js a terrorist country …with failed intelligence..
    These ideots kill Innocents only around the world …
    World leaders should start it against USA to stop their terrorism over the peace loving nation's who are armless….

  25. Css Material says:

    Wao it is amazing to hear, that how much humbel they are toward such a serious blunder done by US,

    But if they will show even a little humanity toward Afghan Taliban,

    then the matter between the two states can be handled in a much peaceful manner.

    But what can we do, those who forget the teachings of God and His Messengers can do anything.

    But one good thing is atleat the US accepts that they have made a mistake, but that is not a mistake it is actually a blunder.

    May God guide the US, and give them the courage to tell the truth to the whole world.

  26. Mr Suave9355 says:

    The Biden administration is extremely corrupt all of them committing crimes.

  27. Imran Hussain says:

    These are war crimes and international court must investigate this and punish those who are responsible for these heinous acts

  28. Nick Gurr says:

    Joe Biden need to be in prison for this

  29. Radioactive says:

    US the most hated country.

  30. Canadian Man says:

    Taliban controlling the states like a puppet

  31. Hasan Patel says:

    It's up to Afgan should not let America in Afgan talk

  32. aero mtb says:

    biden needed a win after the deaths of the soldiers.

  33. Mahmud Shiil says:

    It is America, when they want revenge they kill their allies and innocent people. Or even destroy countries that have nothing to do with 9/11

  34. Arif says:

    For This type doubt they killed at least 2-3 million peoples around the world. That was not their mistake, that was their plan. They got any news against themselves for this they attacked.

  35. Fast Eddie says:

    This is what happens when you have an incompetent administration . One cluster fuc after another, get ready for war with these dumb shits they don’t know what they are doing.

  36. Alan Tse says:

    I want to say I am totally SHOCKED of this act by the yanks' hands… BUT I WOULD BE LYING. 20 years of the Aghan war there were over 10 thousand confirm drone strikes… killing countless innocent civilians. The chance of them committing this atrocity once again is just not surprising to me anymore. Let's all hope this is the last of them committed by the us arm forces OUTSIDE of their own F-ing country.

  37. Sinruwng Koring says:

    Where are the stupid Biden supporters like Taylor Swift and others celebrities? why don't open their stupid mouth? against nonsense Biden's decision?

  38. Richard Randall says:

    The only real thing that Joe has blown up is his own credibility as president.

  39. Ibraheem Olayemi says:

    D world would be a better place without USA….

  40. kyle riley says:

    It should not come as a surprise the US lied about its “successful” drone strikes against ISISk to try and cover up for its disastrous evacuation. Truly disgusting and makes me feel ashamed to be an American.

  41. Sunny Gem says:

    I stopped paying my taxes in 2019. I did not fund this!

  42. Hina Khan says:

    Usa is killing people in Afghanistan iraq from last 20 years ….why taliban succeeded it is because of USA killings civilians destroying their houses and then civilians joined taliban to take revenge from them.

  43. Hina Khan says:

    Usa is killing people in Afghanistan iraq from last 20 years ….why taliban succeeded it is because of USA killings civilians destroying their houses and then civilians joined taliban to take revenge from them.

  44. salih AV says:

    Us terror attacks on Afghan civilians…where is European media….

  45. Hassan Yussuf says:

    Crime against humanity…USA should be held accountable

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