New Side Effect from COVID vaccine – Should You Be Worried about MYOCARDITIS?

Dr. Christy explains the recent data on myocarditis both in the United States and Israel in easy to understand language.

JAMA Cardiology study:


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25 Responses

  1. Raymond Dunne says:

    The doctor is commenting like a researcher who for the most part has no knowledge of the connection between the jab and the development of myocarditis. She has to pull data from an isreali study to comment on it. So the vaccinated people who produced that data in isreal are like subjects in an experiment-unbenownst to them. Thats a violation of the Nuremberg code. And the data show young people may develop myocardittis more readily so let's mandate it in California to kids as young as 5 even when the chance of death from it is .0027. SCIENCE! Nah. Profits, control and compliance…a little warmup for whats coming next.

  2. Lippy The Lip says:

    We are the human experiment ! HELLO AMERICA !

  3. SonicEdgeProductionx says:

    they have a limited time to get the most people jabbed before the planet saving carbon reducing effects it was created for become more apparent.

  4. M Frank says:

    The only worry of Covid is loss of freedom

  5. courtney fox says:

    A 12 year old boy almost died from that yesterday here in NZ after recieving the Pfizer, we've also had a 16 year old girl die but they didn't list it as from the jab but she was perfectly healthy until she had it. A 44 year old woman died here from that also after the jab . Considering how low the death rate is it's ridiculous people are taking these.

  6. Lisaann P says:

    Not rare – just under reported in the US

  7. Zachary Taylor says:

    I will not take that poison. No more talk

  8. Carol Leota says:

    Thank you for sharing this information.

  9. Ivan Ivanov says:

    Dr. Christy, you are Stupid for vaccinating your own kids.

  10. Kgb Kgb says:

    This is a problem going on all around me people are having chest problems when they take it this isn't nothing new this has been happening since the vaccine has been out nothing new

  11. truth matters says:

    I know a man in his 70s who has heart problems after taking the vax

  12. Jack Vai says:


  13. Sylwester Samborski says:

    Are they "killing us softly"?

  14. Gustamachio says:

    Hair loss, heart complications, chronic sickness, these guys that develop the coronavirus from the SARS virus needs to be imprisoned and never let out

  15. MrOldClunker says:

    I'm 60 and I had chest pains and shortness of breath after my vaccine and my doctor didn't know what it was and brushed it off as allergies. Still having chest pain and shortness of breath.

  16. Robert Fredrick says:

    I can't believe you killed your own kids

  17. megan burgess says:

    How much are you being paid

  18. maxwell smart says:

    Stop vaccinating healthy people. We have had millions of years of evolution. It's called our immune system.

  19. Debbie S says:


  20. Tom Salken says:

    Stopping herd immunity is the goal. According to Moderna, the booster is identical to the 1st and 2nd shot. If that is the case and the mRNA vaccines only manipulate one spike protein, then once a the virus has mutated it became a variant, that variant is capable of essentially ignoring the vaccine and causing infection. Eventually everyone will get the virus or a variation. The vaccinated will get the variants and also have the risks associated with the vaccines themselves.
    I believe that historically safe drugs, such as Ivermectin or Hydroxichloroquine cushion the most extreme symptoms of Covid 19, therefore that individual is now immune, with the least likelihood of reinfection and cannot be transmissable, and has the best physical outcome. How long can herd immunity be delayed, and will drugs like Ivermectin help at all once the variants reach a Frankenstein level, thanks to the intentional delay of the inevitable.
    We are all going to get Covid 19, or whatever mutation will finally catch us. Science has to know the outcome. I believe they do.
    The virus has been a way to make some rich and others powerful. Isn't this really what this is about?

  21. Tom Salken says:

    In other words this is all an experiment. No thanks.

  22. Tom Salken says:

    An immune response from the vaccine? From which booster, will number 94 be enough? Will herd immunity ever happen while "science" plays wackamole with the virus and the variants, which are the result of the single spike protein vaccine strategy. Obviously this is bu115hit and destined to fail. Also unless we wear a N95 mask, they are useless. Why is anyone submitting to this?

  23. Roddy Craigie says:

    In New Zealand this Friday anyone who is not vaccinated will not be allowed in any venue the only places we can go is supermarket medical centre, pharmacy. So bars restaurants malls clothing stores you name it we are not aloud in. So tell me how this is a human right . World war an Anzac Day here in New Zealand longer means anything

  24. burbs l says:

    Developed the CONDITION.
    Not developed the "rArE" condition
    Way to downplay people experiencing this.
    Garbage video.

  25. tammyicious says:

    I know two people who have been vaccinated and both are experiencing high blood pressure. These two people don't know each other. One is a coworker, one is a friend who lives in another state. I'm secretly wondering if "the jab" is doing something to their high blood pressure. Please look into this possible side effect.

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