NEW IMF RISK REPORT: Your Risk Increases By the Day

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In this video, Lynette dives into the newest Global Financial Stability Report from the IMF.

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45 Responses

  1. James Sylvestri says:

    She Rick's more than any I have talked to yet example birch gold not an advisor only brokers I think? I thought of calling them but came across Lynette my answer to everything.i am not an investor but everything banks say I go the other way

  2. James Sylvestri says:

    I agree I would rather own it than let someone else lose it

  3. James Sylvestri says:

    Gold doesn't burn paper money does

  4. James Sylvestri says:

    Also you actually give your money to banks which can and will keep it.

  5. James Sylvestri says:

    You are so right I don't bet

  6. James Sylvestri says:

    I've been trying for 3 months to get money out. I actually told the manager in front of everything that you no nothing.I live in rv on street now by chance my problem will be solved itm trading

  7. James Sylvestri says:

    Wasn't silver around in the days of Jesus I need say no more

  8. James Sylvestri says:

    She sold me I was about to go to birch they don't advise anything I have money no one seems to want it I am stuck banks are and always were worthless.

  9. RichH says:

    Why no comments on the recent IMF blatant recommendation for 'the sovereigns' to confiscate precious metals? … OR, do we all soon start trading on the "UNDERGROUND" markets?

  10. Kevin W says:

    Bought gold and silver and 90% on Friday. My LCD can not keep gold in stock, and silver runs low. Fine report.

  11. T VD says:

    So why are the quotes taken out of context?

  12. Christine Parma - Monetize Your Brilliance says:

    This is terrifying. And 99.9% of people don’t know this, nor do they probably want to really know. Thank you for all that you’re sharing!

  13. Harvey Johnson says:

    Thankyou Lynette, you, Peter Schiff, Robert Kiyosaki & Mike Maloney have changed my life! Best wishes from Australia.

  14. honorkemp says:

    watched this 5 times ,trust in gold and silver ,great work Lynette

  15. D A says:

    Ya Australia is THE TEST!

  16. Douglas Porto says:

    Thank you.

  17. margaret oni says:

    Lynette, You ROCK!

  18. James Oliver says:

    Got a PIN ? Time to pop the bubble ! Just sick of make believe everything. Phony banks , phony governments , phony Doctors in Government and Phony Relationships . I'm a Cactus Prick.

  19. emt56399 says:

    10:23. YES! Tear that worthless paper up! By far my absolute most favorite Moment watching your channel

  20. Joe Sterkis says:

    ata boy girl

  21. ssruiimxwaeeayezbb ttirvorg says:

    30:05 "sovereign which are governments" Wait. Isn't it 'the people'? Who you think will have to pay those debts eventually?

  22. ssruiimxwaeeayezbb ttirvorg says:

    10:20 Isn't destroying currency illegal in USA?

  23. Jackson Vogel says:

    Get right with God friends, the lunacy will only get worse from here! At least 500 prophecies fulfilled hundreds and thousands of years in advance prove the Bible is the true word of God. Believe and repent, Romans 10:9-10, and you will be saved!!

  24. Naked Owners says:

    WHOSE LOVING THE END OF USUFRUCT. The end of America as you know it, never ever ever to be returned to normal EVER AGAIN. Yay usufruct. Enjoying it Lynnette.

  25. Andrew Cesar says:

    Those “other firms” are probably insurance companies

  26. Greg Massi says:

    Some old b.s. for years. If you were out of the stock market the last 10 years and were in gold , you basically lost your ass!

  27. Boris Buliak says:

    Lower expectations on everything is part of the program. The customer is always right hasn’t been the case in decades now

  28. Soojeong Park says:

    heck no you couldn't!!! heck no you can't!!!!!

  29. Grey Owl says:

    Brilliant dissertation.

  30. sian jones says:

    Respectfully, anyone who duzn't have their own hom and even a small garden, is screwed. Anyone dependant on an income from employer, is f*ckd. There's only so much 'productivity ' that the population can consume. The ppl at lower end of economic cycle and their kids get hits from consumption, oh and the "Meta" verse. Wot duz that say. Ppl living in flats can buy bits of gold or silver ….how duz this resolve their problems?

  31. Harold McAllister says:

    The currency will not even be good for toilet paper, because it will clog up the toilet. Thank you for the truth!

  32. John Jackson says:

    No Lynette…. That’s a dollar! Ukudding me!

  33. angie alston says:

    "I can't guarantee it, but I'm 100% certain". My favorite statement.


    What about the gvmt confiscated gold it's been done before, why wouldn't they do it again

  35. Sebastian Baragwanath says:

    Those of us that subscribe to your channel and similar are just a tiny Minority of the Massess who have open eyes and minds. The huge majority of people are blind, deaf, disbelieving or simply uncaring to what is happening around them and when reality hits, for them, it will be too late. The downside for 'us' is their apathy gives the Banksters and the Governments they control the excuse to do whatever they want.

  36. Johanna Kamstra-Schickendantz says:

    Fabulous as usual Lynette, thank you

  37. darekwch89 says:

    What do you guys plan to do with your savings and assets? Sell stocks and crypto and buy gold?

  38. Harald J says:

    I wish I had a couple of whiskeys under my belt when listening to this. It's not new to me but it is especially depressing today. Thanks for the in-depth reports, I appreciate them.

  39. CuriousCreature says:

    “It IS unchecked” ….keeping it real Lynette. Love it.

  40. keith ayre says:

    derivatives, weapons of mass finical destruction, as w.buffet calls them, yet another informative vid.thanks Lynette.

  41. KT N says:

    Thank you so much Lynette!! Can't wait for your chat with George..

  42. Ulrike Wegner says:

    this was excellent lymette!!!!!! as every show you do!!! thank you❤

  43. iracknads says:

    How does one prevent an unintended consequence?

  44. ITM TRADING, INC. says:

    If you have any additional questions on the current buying opportunity of these extremely undervalued assets which are in a long term positive trend, you can schedule a time to talk to a dedicated Gold & Silver Analyst here: or Call us direct at 877-410-1414 -We are here to help you.

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