New FDCPA Rules — Limited Content Message


This is a 50-minute webinar from a few weeks ago about the new “limited content message” rule under the new FDCPA rules for debt collectors.

Today at 1 pm central we’ll start our deep dive into all the new rules of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Join us here if you can! (replay link will be sent out if you sign up before the webinar starts).

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10 Responses

  1. Joe Bugaloo says:

    do you suggest calling them back and then telling them not to call you and that they have violated the TCPA?

  2. Hard Fighting Soulja says:

    Thank you for your service John! I have sent some emails requesting the template letters for the debt collectors and bureaus about 2 weeks ago and have not received a response. Can you please send them when you can? Can you also recommend a consumer attorney in Texas?

  3. Drewed says:

    My attorney noted that there has been precedent (and they had lost a claim in this precedent) in which collection agency called at inappropriate times but remained silent. So even though you can dial the number and it will ring at the collection agency, so you know that it was the collection agency, because they said nothing on the call but instead stayed silent, it was not a communication under FDCPA. Is this still true? This seems like a gaping loophole, and one that caused me considerable stress, that was NOT the day to wake me up at 5am. I never got back to sleep, I was moody and anxious all day, I screwed up at work, and I was on edge for the next few weeks when waking up at night… but it wasn't a communication under FDCPA. In theory, a collector can still hound you via phone as long as they don't say anything.

  4. YourQualityFirst says:

    I live in Alabama. I would love to have a consultation with you

  5. Kokoro Lee says:

    Thank you John for all the wonderful videos. How long till Midland sue you after sending payment coupon? I also pull my credit reports and no Midland Fund inquiries show up. Thank again

  6. Woolliestcoder2 says:

    Great video as always John. I can think of 2 questions. Can the message be left on a spouses number(because it's under one account?)? Do you think some of the larger companies like PRC and Midland will ignore it at 1st based on percentages of lawsuits against them where they'd pay out vs the many that will likely not pay attention to this…similar to lost court suits vs default judgement percentages? I guess the later question is about a 'threshold" policy.

  7. Brian H. says:

    I really wonder if debt collectors have started selling personal details to spammers. 2 of my email addresses are only used for financial. They never release to anyone, they are also unique that a bot couldn't just stumble on. Shortly after debt buyers started calling I began getting spammed relentlessly. Ive had my email for 11 years with no spam ever. Now im getting magic spam.

  8. Linda Evans says:

    I'm new, what's this about??

  9. Alabama Consumer Protection Lawyers says:

    Today at 1 pm central we'll start our deep dive into all the new rules of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

    Join us here if you can! (this is our sign-up for our weekly webinar — sign up once and you are good to go!)

  10. Mona Harris says:

    Great video.

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