[NEW] Fatal Attraction 2021 🌹🍀🌹 Left for Dead 🌹🍀🌹 Full Episode Oct 31 ​2021

[NEW] Fatal Attraction 2021 🌹🍀🌹 Left for Dead 🌹🍀🌹 Full Episode Oct 31 ​2021


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18 Responses

  1. There's just no justification when it comes to violence against women.

  2. Tania Davis says:

    He'll be there in prison for a very long time

  3. His sister looks to intelligent to think he would/should have gotten anything less than capital murder

  4. Robert Thinks He's Rico Swuay! That's That Up top Shit! No Cap!!!

  5. Abby Sowe says:

    these men are always ready to move into a woman's apart…..umm

  6. Fatal Attraction is not the same anymore. I would like to see more acting.

  7. *Word Play* says:

    I would pull a knife on someone kicking down my door to get in the house. How is that self defense his ass should not have been there

  8. Miss Oliver says:

    This murder was just horrific. Smdh

  9. I would love to start a non-profit. Can’t wait to get going

  10. Getting too know someone is an overrated statement there couples that dated for 5, 10 years still get murdered by their lover. Being married 20yrs husband or wife still kills them or hired hitman. You can know someone all you want don't mean your safe no matter how long you wait.

  11. All around him enabled him for a coin

  12. Andrea knew what time it was. My feelings from her testimony

  13. His family enabled him.

  14. louise jones says:

    I do not understand why people don't take the time to get to know each other anymore. People meet on monday and are shacked up by wednesday

  15. Dhelakorlu says:

    Being desperate means you're very vulnerable to the devil. I think in order to have a proper and healthy relationship you have to know yourself better in order to settle with someone completely different. Most of these women would still be here if they hadn't taken the wrong turn. I'm a single mother to two boys and all i wanna do is take care of them the best way possible. not chasing from Tom, Harry and dick. Lift is too precious to die a horrible death.

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