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  1. Andy Lozano says:

    0:53 Love this moment

  2. Khor Wai Hoal says:

    wow, very cool !

  3. Kirk Dunn says:

    But CK isn't accurate…
    I am 50-100pts higher on all my fico scores vs CK.

    IDK if this is true for everyone but it has been for me in last 14 months

    Once I get to where I want to be I will cancel fico…..CK isn't accurate but decent baseline as long as your not applying for anything….I have 3 more applications and than I will be in maintenance mode…..everyone's needs or goals are different

  4. Marvin Palomarez says:

    Good video!!

  5. Joziltoz Cruz says:

    GooooooooooD Job

  6. Craig T says:

    In this day and age nobody should be paying for their FICO scores…If you get a Discover cc you will get a free transunion score…American Express gives you a free experian score…and citi gives you a free equifax score.

  7. Doreen Cloutier says:

    I just consolidated and refinanced a school loan and my credit karma scores went up 57 points. I wanted to check out whether it effected my Fico scores. I am applying for a mortgage. I get free scores from ck from experian and my discover snd citibank. But I want to see the FICO right now.

  8. devin knight says:

    in CK why is there a 40 point diff between my trans union and Equifax. working hard on my credit scores and really piss. cant even dispute credit scores in CK, need suggestings

  9. Justin Fisher says:

    Probably bc credit karma is not accurate as FICO is…..

  10. Brenda Burditt says:

    Credit KARMA is off by 67 points, I am not keeping KARMA when they cant show me my real score , I have 709 on Experian but credit KARMA shows me 642

  11. Old Goat says:

    hi my name is Brian and I need your help real bad I claimed bankruptcy back in February it closed this month on the 5th trying to build my credit back up so I can buy a tiny house I was hoping you could help me to fix my credit and I went through a bad divorce so I lost everything please help me

  12. Jason J. Taylor says:

    My only concern is that Credit Karma uses Vantage 3.0

  13. Michael Heffernan says:

    Credit Karma is not accurate

  14. CurlyPdub says:

    My credit karma dropped 20 and 21 points in half a day. I pay all my bills on time so I don’t understand why. I am in the middle of an escrow and I do not understand why this is happening and I work so hard to bring my scores up.

  15. Julian B says:

    CK scores are about 60 points off from my Fico scores. I just use CK to look at my credit reports, their scores are useless.

  16. untainted says:

    No this video didnt help… i want to see my fico score

  17. Chicago Trader says:

    Wells Fargo credit card account displays most accurate FICO 9 score issued by Experian and updated monthly.It's free for cardholders. Beware of the 30 point difference between Fico 8 and Fico 9. If Fico 8 score is 670 and Fico 9 score is 700, then both carry the same weight ! Fico 8 was released in 2008 and Fico 9 was released in 2009. Updated again in 2016. ( Vantage 3.0 should be 720 in order to carry the same weight as above numbers, but most lenders prefer FICO scores which is over 60 years old, going back to 1950's…… !

  18. Shari Scott says:

    Answer@ 5:25.

  19. Lady Coolwater says:

    My fico scores were so much lower than my vantage 8 scores. As much as 76 points for one credit bureau . After seeing this I feel credit karma is not a real representation of my true scores. I'm trying to understand why there is such a big difference in score .

  20. DED TOXA says:

    when i called +1 (304) 362 0022 it tok me a very short time to resolve my isues, the staf looked for a positiv response whenever i caled them. it was very unuzual and bizarre in the beginning. they were so helpful and polite

  21. Unidentified User says:

    I check my credit weekly with: Creditkarma, and with my credit cards pages for free.. Chase(once a month), Discover(once a month), American Express(once a month), Barclays(once every 2 months).

  22. ja go says:

    Credit Karma is not a FICO score. It is a Advantage score. Loan companies don't use that. If you're trying to buy a house. 3 minutes and 38 seconds and you wasted everyone's valuable time. Only a moron would watch the rest of your video.

  23. Junior Choppa says:

    What if your a beginner?

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