Nevada governor updates COVID-19 status in the state

On Monday afternoon, Gov. Steve Sisolak announced larger venues in Nevada with a capacity of 4,000 or more can amend the mask requirements for those who are fully and partially vaccinated.


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36 Responses

  1. Betsy Ross says:

    This Governor has been paid off by the communist, do not trust him, he is dirty.

  2. Jay Styles says:

    Smh so your only talking about the stadium only to increase ticket sales of the football games but you do nothing about the housing crisis or the families who are out of work smh God help us all

  3. robert loera says:

    This dude is such a puppet Democrat with no brain

  4. robert loera says:


  5. little one says:

    I personally wouldn't attend any place that demands I'd be vaccinated in the first place

  6. Susan Carson says:

    Why mandate the vaccine, the White House IS NOT mandating it! Wake up people!

  7. thatdudejakey says:

    Where did all the money come from for that vax lottery? It’s literally a movie now.

  8. Kameron laBauve says:

    People of Las Vegas or the whole state of Nevada let's stand up! Stop this tyranny!

  9. Faig huseynov says:

    Sure. It is a lot of casino here in Las Vegas. How they can close it?))))

  10. ryan mulhall says:

    You cannot tell a privately owned company what they can a cannot due regarding covid vaccines.

  11. TheWalter Fam says:

    So you can be infected but vaccinated and are able to take their mask off… but have a negative test and you can’t. Oh yea, follow the “science”. Wow.

  12. Desert Sky says:

    A) It sounds like Sisolak actually got the Graphine Oxide version of the material given by needle—-so, YES!—-he's a dead man walking!…his life will end prematurely due to his taking of that poison and it could not happening for a more fitting tyrant! Graphine Oxide is what's causing his slurred speech and it will ultimately cause his death, imo.
    Time. Will. Tell. Time already told for Hank Aaron & Marvelous Marvin Hagler, RIP to these two great men.

    B) This is tragic, but EVERYONE should listen to Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. She was interviewed on Rumble by Stew Peters. Ms. Kingston explains IN DETAIL what these injected materials are, and how they do the damage they do to human beings!

    This is a Biological Attack! The War between Good & Evil is being waged RIGHT NOW! Thank God that some tyrants have taken the jabs that they want to FORCE on others…..tyrants like Sisolak will not live long enough to see his evil designs come to fruition!

  13. K J says:

    Nevada has fallen so far a slurring putz like this could get elected governor.

  14. Kevin Lane 14 says:

    Some sick people won't like hearing masks work. Those anarchists can go burn in hell.

  15. Loren Means says:

    God his speech is so slurred. This man is intoxicated.

  16. Aaron Webb says:

    My favorite part was it’s not a mandate but the private sector taking the lead while he literally laid out mandates. These people are no longer interested in the well being of their constituents but only of their own power. It will blow up on them

  17. Libre verdaderamente says:

    How about our 1st ammendment rights , are my religious beliefs protected and respected ?
    My religious beliefs prohibit me from wearing those masks , and prohibit me from getting those vaccines !!
    Guys you do not have to be part of a cult, or any organized religion , in order for your beliefs to be protected under the US CONSTITUTION ,
    Your religious belief do not have to make sense to me, they only have to make sense to you, same with mine

  18. Libre verdaderamente says:

    The taliban forcing women of all ages to cover their heads and faces ??

  19. Libre verdaderamente says:

    1) did you say vaccines are safe ?
    2) Please can you describe " safe " ?
    3) Did you say vax are free , or , did you mean : they are already paid by American' s money ? Or , were they financed with china 's money to enslave us further more ?

  20. Libre verdaderamente says:

    Please governor, make up your mind,
    1 ) Are you going to be liable for all the harm vaccines cause ?
    2 ) Are vax so inefective that vaxed people have to keep wearing masks ?
    3 ) what do you mean by ending this pandemic ?

  21. Las Vegas Valley Accountability Watch says:

    He’s done. Can’t wait until he’s voted out, he’s a moron

  22. Heather C. says:

    He said it the mask is wat stopped the uptick. We got all these cases by telling the vaccinated can go mask less at super spreader events in June n ur blaming the unvaccinated?! That's wat we know! U caused this not the ppl, the masks are not ready to come off vaccinated or not were are not there yet own it!

  23. R80LV says:

    Nevada was not the 1st
    It was california
    Let's tell the truth sir

  24. Mt.Shasta says:

    I am now terrified…….

  25. 83DEMS says:

    What a joke

  26. Thelaughingwolf 1 says:

    You're just trying to get businesses to make it mandatory to get the vaccination because the government can't.

  27. Mark Mikkelsen says:

    Sounds to me like discrimination Rosa Parks at the back of the bus kind of s*** to me

  28. Mark Mikkelsen says:

    8 directive I don't even follow the laws why would I follow a directive

  29. Mark Mikkelsen says:

    Sure is a good thing he's wearing that ritualistic shame muzzle so that I don't have to hear half the s*** he's talking about

  30. Dharia Maria Lurie says:

    My friend, genuine repentance and recitation of those words will protect you from calamities:

    "F a l u n D a f a is Good" and "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance is Good".

    F a l u n D a f a is a spiritual self cultivation practice that is based on the principles of the Universe:

    真 Truthfulness
    善 Compassion
    忍 Forbearance

    It involves gentle exercises and meditation. Thanks to F a l u n D a f a,
    millions of people regain health, peace of mind and obtain spiritual
    fulfillment. Since the year 1999 this peaceful practice has been brutally persecuted by the CCP in China.

  31. Matt Martin says:

    Joey Gilbert for Nevada Governor… remember that name

  32. MATT SWIFT says:

    We make Nevada safer by recalling you immediately.

  33. MATT SWIFT says:

    What pandemic?

  34. jkthegreek says:

    Wait and see this is just the start of it. They'll probably be doing this at all the Hotels, casinos in Vegas by 2022.

  35. Etan Plan says:

    The cdc literally said the vaccine doesn't stop the new variant. So how does locking up a bunch of people without a mask help slow the spread? Why not just keep the mask or lose them.

  36. Etan Plan says:

    So dumb. Everything he is saying is dumb and not founded in science.

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