Neighbors recall Laundrie family's trip after Brian's return in Gabby's van

Neighbors told Fox News Wednesday that the Laundrie family – Christopher and Roberta Laundrie and their son, Brian – appeared to go on a trip in a new camper about a week after Brian got back to Florida in Gabby Petito’s van.

William and Charlene Guthrie told to Fox News they noticed the Laundries had gotten a new camper attachment for their pickup truck and were loading it up, presumably for a trip about a week into September.


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29 Responses

  1. Tabais Mack says:

    He ask what happened to her , her boy friend killed her it don't take a rocket s to know that

  2. Whos Whoo says:

    The police failed Gabby twice …..when their van was stopped and he wasn't arrested and when he returned home and refused to speak he should have been monitored closely not allowed to escape justice his parents should be arrested now and interrogated

  3. The Scorpion Channel says:

    his parents….are accomplices!

  4. D N says:

    How naive. He is not in the swamp. Duh. Parents lied. Covering for him. Wake up and stop wasting time and money.

  5. Kathy Jackson says:

    Personally, I think his parents took him to airport to get out of the country

  6. Covaci Andreea says:

    They maight now what hapend with her? She was with him .

  7. Mona Resa says:

    Where are his parents from???

  8. Ignio healing says:

    Freeze their assets

  9. Dizzie Chef says:

    If they thought Brian was in the flooded park , why did they take his car away. He had no way home. They knew he never was there

  10. JoyAmongst ForeverSpark! says:


  11. d says:

    So I just watched on youtube a home for sale in Pinellas Co FL…built in late 60s that has in the yard a bomb shelter.. spiral staircase…a man can stand up in it. After viewing story of a hand reaching to mrs laundrie in the flower bed. Yes he could be there. This bunker was Pinellas Co was so hidden you didn't know it was there.

  12. Edgar M says:

    Lauren Cho

  13. Theressa KINGDOM says:

    Why would you go on a family camping trip when your son has just come home from months of camping trips- you think he’d be sick of it by now and wouldn’t you just want to stay at home and spend time with your son?? Why wouldn’t you be asking where is Gabby?? When he got home, why would he want to go on a hike??? He has just come home from a gruelling camping track /trip and things are sour in his relationship , the trip obviously didn’t go to plan- isn’t he tired , emotionally drained etc and he still has the energy to go hiking???? Really??? It’s all very weird. Could his parents have helped him hide her body???? The sister went also and the grandkids??? Gabbies name didn’t come up at all???? Gabby was living with parents and David and his sister didn’t think to ask any questions about Gabby and how the trip went etc???? Susspish , it doesn’t add up???

  14. Ty Hughs says:

    I like the burgundy pickup. Good taste

  15. Jack Macon says:

    GODBLESS check the backyard

  16. Vanities says:

    Brian L. could be hiding in their basement.

  17. Coley Cole TV says:

    Bull the neighbors said 2 words

  18. Vitamin D says:

    "trip" to clean up evidence and drive the van home I bet. messed up.

  19. Notsofast L says:

    I think Dodge should offer them market value for the red truck and get that off the news every day.

  20. Stu Pidasso says:

    Has anyone else noticed that there's too many odd holes or contradictions so far?? How none of it makes any sense? Have you ever stopped for a second to think about the timeline at which this whole thing started? Before this supposedly went down Dr. Fauci was under the gun and the origins of the China Virus was in a lot of people's cross hairs, remember? Afghanistan also came into the picture? Distraction much? This is the media's job, to distract you from the truth. Stop being gullible. Question everything, you won't regret it.


    The note the parents found on the car after Brian left it at the reserve what did it say and whose handwriting is it that wrote the note?

  22. kris4408 says:

    who Notice the cross over his left shoulder in the sun light

  23. Rose Kromopawiro says:

    He s at Cassie home

  24. Michelle Pappas says:

    They are liars & need to be arrested. Why is anyone surprised????

  25. Lori Wolff says:

    Wheres the Van?

  26. Maureen OLeary says:

    That’s quite cold for the Laundrie family to go camping in Gabby’s van. Then help him escape. They should have some charges against them as well.

  27. Keith Leeuwen says:

    Mexico, opinion….

  28. beachboy1122 says:

    These unorthodox and bizarre things that Italians do is self explanatory and unacceptable.

  29. Fiona Lewis says:

    How effing stupid is the FBI spending any time looking in this swamp for Laundrie! And 2 weeks wasted! The guy is long gone!

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