Navy Federal Membership! Back door options!

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24 Responses

  1. Lucy Lu says:

    Thanks for this video. My father and grandfather were in the military however theres no way of me obtaining that info since I was raised by my mother. my parents were separated when I was young never in the picture. How can I become a member

  2. Theo Paine says:

    Sherry: Much of what u shared regarding 'back door' methods for NFCU membership is on their website. My question is – what if one has 'no' affiliation with the military – ie.. non vets, no immediate family members who are vets, no connections with the DOD, ROTC,etc..? Is there another back door method that can help folk like me to get in with NFCU? Thanks.

  3. Shayla Love says:

    My x husband is a veteran but we are not in touch can I join?

  4. Daughter OF Zion says:

    What about my husband dad who passed?

  5. MsShelly32 says:

    What if your ex husband was in the military can you use that

  6. Afrikan Lifestyle says:

    I'm ex military and Navy Fedearl actually deniied my application because
    they said they could not verify the information I provided on the list
    of documents requested. I sent in a curreent copy of my passpport as
    well as a current copy of my bank statement. When i called to ask why
    they just told I could appeal it and try again. Anyone ever experienced

  7. PATS2CENTS says:

    My brothers are retired Air Force Men. Can I join? I don't think they are members of the credit union.

  8. Maria Jackson says:

    My daughter father was in the Marines can he join and then bring me in….we never got married?

  9. RedRider1600 says:

    I was never in the active military, but when I was in high school, I was in USMC JROTC. When I was in college, I was in Navy ROTC. Does that count for anything? How would I even prove that? What documents would they want for that?

    I have a deceased stepfather who was Air Force. But I doubt I can come up with any documents. I don't think I have any documents to prove any of that.

  10. Shadina DeGuzman says:

    My mom retired from the VA. She was not military but a nurse there. Is she eligible?

  11. Marie Dames says:

    I need to know what is so special about Navy Federal are their credit rating very high?

  12. Crystal Mason says:

    If your great grandfather was in the airforce and served in wwII can u join? My grandma is still alive she may need some help.

  13. Fresh I.d says:

    Everything she explained from the beginning is on the damn website

  14. DIY FAM says:

    What abt if a deceased father in law that was in the marines?

  15. Harry Nguyen says:

    I'm trying to get into USAA to get their insurance and credit productz

  16. Vivica Shumpert says:

    Do they offer biz accts?

  17. Michael Swaim says:

    Once you are in NF, why would you ever leave? Best credit union in the world.

  18. VGizzle AGE says:

    I missed if a regular non military citizen can qualify?

  19. LadySangerNurse JonesLPN says:

    My step sister we have the same dad by birth my niece is in the Navy air force and my brother in law is a retireee but went back to do some duty work.

    Also my mom dad and uncel was in the army but are dead now. I was in rotc in high school my.senior year but not any more its been years. So what should i do to get back door in

  20. tvfilmfl says:

    My Mom, now deceased, worked as a contracts negotiator for the U.S. Navy in Bethpage, N.Y. she retired from "NavPro" in 1976. Could this, as her daughter, qualify me to join Navy Federal?

  21. Bennett Taylor says:

    I’m humbled and appreciative of all you’ve done for my son school bills this flip really go a long way …………

    hacker_softeazy you are the best

  22. 01mikegee says:


  23. Nae cutie pie says:

    This is great information

  24. OpoL - says:

    Hey Sherry just a little FYI, When my wife joined, she didn't talk very well on the phone. She was shy and couldn't remember anything, where she worked (which is home for me on the books), etc. I am sure this raised a red flag and she had to fill out papers and mail back hard copies, before being approved. Everything was true so it was just a matter of waiting about two weeks. Keep doing what you do <3

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