MY NAVY FEDERAL INTERNAL SCORES: A Comparison after Cash Rewards & Flagship $25K Approvals. #nfcu

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The Navy Federal Credit Union Internal Score has been an enigma to many NFCU members. Navy Federal also calls it the “Custom Score”. In my latest inquiry about my internal score, they do monthly monitoring with Equifax! How interesting! Those are soft pulls by the way. In this video, I share a comparison of my two Internal scores and how my Transunion and Equifax scores were, as well. Just a perspective from my personal experience.
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MY NAVY FEDERAL INTERNAL SCORES: A Comparison after Cash Rewards & Flagship $25K Approvals. :
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Hello! I am a physical therapist/small business owner on a credit journey from what I have learned from Youtube! Not knowing about personal and business credit has cost me millions! Having owned 3 clinics generating 6 figures annually in the past and not building business credit: not knowing the POWER that my business would have had, had I known how to leverage the company’s borrowing power.
Will be sharing my experiences as I learn more about how to make videos LOL! Knowledge applied is really powerful and I am grateful for how it is changing my life. Still on a journey and would like to learn from you as well by sharing experiences here! Credit Plug, Radikal Marketer, Josh of GBC, Credit Suite, Designer Soapbox, and the rest, I appreciate you all!
For you out there who are like me, slowly applying what we learned, I welcome your thoughts and would love to hear your journey as well!

***DISCLAIMER: This video is for information and entertainment purposes only.***

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how do i dispute accounts on my credit report

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13 Responses

  1. J. Lyon Layden's The Looters Revue Show says:

    I did not see one anywhere on my auto loan approval, but I saw it on my credit card approval.

  2. Lor Suson says:

    An enigma indeed.

  3. D L says:

    How are you able to derive benefit from having the high limit on the credit card? How does it practically benefit you? Just curious.

  4. Dwayne Dunlap says:

    New data point, just completed a call with NF on the subject of why I have not received an automatic credit limit increase. I was informed that "auto increase feature of my account was locked" I didn't lock it or request it to be locked. The loan department unlocked it on my request.

  5. Dwayne Dunlap says:

    How did you off set your late payment?

  6. Mahir Oumar says:

    Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  7. Dee Hart says:

    After a year with Navy federal you can message them and ask for a APR rate reduction just a free tip

  8. Dee Hart says:

    When I was denied for the flagship they only used my internal score to determine my credit worthiness.

  9. Nemo says:

    Another great video. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Ralph Propeck says:

    Gd mrng my internal score when I applied for my cash rewards card back in November 2021 was 291 and got approved for $7100 transunion score was a 670 at the time ! Looking forward to my credit line increase coming up in February 2022 as my transunion score has gone up now 715

  11. Lisa Burnett says:

    Thanks for all the information on your journey with Navy Federal

  12. Brian Z says:

    Internal score is one thing but I have no idea what they are doing in that department. I’ve had about 815 score and never had a problem with any credit. Paid off over 650 k mortgage over ten years ago, many car loans paid over the year, over a million in stock. Accounts at First Tech Fed and UNFedCU, so I did flagship late at night and limit was 500 over my highest card of 20k. I asked for reconsideration and was told no after I asked a person to go over the intel. You here so much about high limits and for me I took it as an insult. Oh only an apple card opened in last two years. Are you doing direct deposit. If you only missed one payment ask your creditor as a one time courtesy to remove late on your report.

  13. Lisa Conyers says:

    Awesome video!
    I’m a single mama who is inspired by you. My scores are in the 597-545,
    I almost lost hope of ever having a chance to receive money for 2 of my businesses.
    I can’t believe you’re shy.
    Keep the videos coming.
    BTW, should I apply for my checking with a customer service rep or online?
    Im going to open all the same accounts you did & I’ll keep you posted:)

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