My Identity Was STOLEN (What You Can Do To Prevent This)

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Identity theft is no joke. I was lucky enough to have credit monitoring in place when my identity was stolen, but If I didn’t, I’m sure my personal outcome would’ve been much more of a headache. Today’s video explores the key actions we can take to not only stop identity theft in it’s tracks, but also to prevent it from happening all together.

I walk through how to place a freeze on your Experian, TransUnion, Equifax, Innovis, ChexSystems, NCTUE, and LexisNexis accounts in today’s video. I also walk through the FTC Identity Theft report/affidavit process, and when you should consider filing a police report regarding your identity theft. I also provide actions we can take to secure our online identities, from enrolling in free credit monitoring, using a password manager, pulling your credit report yearly, and disputing credit report discrepancies.

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Experian Security Freeze:
Equifax Security Freeze:
TransUnion Security Freeze:
Innovis Security Freeze:
ChexSystems Security Freeze:
NCTUE Security Freeze:
LexisNexis Security Freeze:
Credit Karma:

Identity Theft Wiki:

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0:00 My identity was stolen
2:25 Your liability
3:24 Freezes and fraud alerts
5:32 How to freeze your Experian credit report
7:15 How to freeze your Equifax credit report
8:21 How to freeze your TransUnion credit report
9:01 How to freeze your Innovis credit report
9:50 ChexSystems security freeze
11:05 NCTUE security freeze
12:25 LexisNexis security freeze
13:23 How to place an identity theft report/affidavit with the FTC
15:04 Should I make a police report regarding my identity theft?
17:44 Good practices to PREVENT identity theft!

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how to dispute name on credit report

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