My Husband & Baby Daddy Are Now Deceased and I'm Looking For a Man of Value | Kevin Samuels Reaction

My Husband & Baby Daddy Are Now Deceased and I’m Looking For a Man of Value | Kevin Samuels Reaction

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19 Responses

  1. ZOE KING says:

    She doesn't have to pay for everything… but she also isn't entitled to spending money excessively.

  2. G Potter says:

    RIP Mr Mathes.

  3. John Pick says:

    When a man marries a woman like this woman's with high value man expectations and according to her timetable if he does not progress into high value fast enough for her expectations then she will resent him and then he is like a man living a house with a leaky roof, miserable ?

  4. Victor Valentine says:

    She haven't shed 1 tear

  5. Victor Valentine says:

    They do voodoo

  6. Anthony Godfrey says:

    say what you want this man is blessed because he knows what he's talking about

  7. Dave Wade says:

    Maybe she was choosing thugs I know of someone who's chose bad men and both are dead.

  8. Leroy Poter says:

    She's got that black widow killer stuff, I wouldn't touch her with a ten-foot pole…

  9. This is Laflare Tv says:

    Damn he kept it hot on her. I'd see a root doctor before I get with her. Everybody seems to die around this chick. She a sweetie pie tho. She took it on the chin

  10. Donalda Gomes says:

    Bus Drivers Make Way more then 40 thousand the first year My Son Made 80 thousand as a Bus Driver KS doesn't know everything. The average guy makes a Fantastic Husband.

  11. Billy Crosby says:

    She seems pleasant enough to get wifed up. I think she'll be ok. That's where she will learn that the average guy will be good enough.

  12. Childoflight Lamb says:

    Something about her seems off

  13. Joe Brown says:

    JR as soon as he becomes her husband and he doesn’t fulfill he expectations of not becoming who she thinks she wants him to be…. Game over !! That’s why Kevin is saying he makes $42k and that’s it… she will try to change him ..

  14. Wife and momma says:

    JR's Simp hat is on, lolol. Women can indeed inspire men to do more and be better, especially if that man lacked the parental support, guidance or overall focus when he was younger. I've seen it and I've lived it so let women be inspirational. Isn't that one of the FBI traits you guys say you want anyway?! Lol.

  15. LuizFolk Official says:

    She wants a project man! 42K is not enough!!

  16. Jamel Tucker says:

    Men say it together " we pass on you ma'am "

  17. Coco Marie says:

    Men shouldn’t need to be PUSHED by a woman to make more money and be a provider … either he’s doing it or want to do it on his own and she is there to stand by him das it das all .

  18. Coco Marie says:

    I work too hard , well be a lesbian and get a woman just like you

  19. J.R. Wisdom says:

    Support Kevin Samuels and watch the original video, "Are High Value Men Best?", here:

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