My #1 Credit Sweep Secret & How to Use It on Any Credit Report

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Today I’m sharing with you my #1 credit sweep secret (my “secret sauce”) and showing you how to use it on any credit report to remove virtually any negative item. This is the exact structure that I use for every client in the credit sweep program. If you’d like to learn more, head to or use the links below:

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17 different account elements to dispute:

EvolutionLine Webinar:

We go over the date last active, date last paid, notice of dispute, and a few others that are at the top of the pyramid that I use to remove very hard accounts (like charge-offs) from credit reports, and why they’re important.


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Video notes:
Okay, so you want to know what my secret is removing accounts from a credit report regardless of what they are, as long as it’s not child support, then I’m going to show you and share with you right now,

you see, the first thing you want to understand what factual based disputes is that there are 17 different elements of an account that you can dispute. And that is what we use to spot arguments right now you can go after the account number credit limit terms, status, high melons, data, last payment, monthly payment data, last activity date, closed responsibility payments, that is creditor name, filing date, coordinating late payments, notice a dispute payments, that is details sold to transfer type charge off amount data, first delinquency payment amount, past due balance, balance, frequency of payments, and date, open. Okay? This is all for just one negative item on any account. Alright. But the first thing that you need to understand, and that you want to get familiar with is that each of these has their own impact. And what I mean by impact is that they fall somewhere between high impact and very little impact. And knowing this is going to be the difference between getting your results, and wasting time and money. Right. So just a couple examples. And I can give you examples all day long. If we look at the top high impact, such as the evolution line method, and I am posting that webinar link down in description, so you can understand how to reuse these, it’s going to be date, last active date, last paid, and activity after closing. And again, these are just three of them. But understanding not only what these are but how they influence each other is going to be the difference in your results. Okay, so date last active is going to be the date that the account was last active you paid and you never paid again, right? So this is going to influence when your account naturally comes off. So if you have three different deeds and the deal is active, then that means that your accounts got to come off at three totally different times. Okay, so that is a huge, huge, huge inaccuracy. And I see almost 100% of the time okay. Now date last paid influence is date last active Okay, the date was paid in the date last October two huge one. So let’s go look at data last view, this date will change the account will be removed, so make sure it’s reported accurately data last activity.

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