Muwop Goes to Court Tells Judge He a Janitor, Ceeball063 on O Block Arrested for K!lling FBG Duck

Muwop Goes to Court Tells Judge He a Janitor, Ceeball063 on O Block Arrested for K!lling FBG Duck 600 Breezy on DQ, Muwop & CThang Being Arrested for K!lling FBG Duck, TW Speaks on Zell Snitching Muwop & CThang Arrested on K!lling FBG Duck in Gold Coast Feds Raid O Block
Nolimit Wet Sends a Message to FBG Cash & G Herbo Club Situation “Get Drenched”
Lil Durk Mud Brother OTF Boona 300 Arrested in Atlanta Over Mall Shooting Outside Mall

Lil Durk & Muwop Reaction to Chicago Paperwork on Opps “THF Bayzoo Being Snitched On”

#LilDurk & #Muwop Reaction to Chicago Paperwork on Opps “#THFBayzoo Being Snitched On”

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30 Responses

  1. gentlemanmob says:

    U mean to tell me I'm the only one that got a delicious fresh baked croissant from C-Murda??????

  2. toronto canada says:

    He was obviously the superintendent of his building in oblock

  3. marcus poe says:

    What them boys better hope is the feds don't send a agent to be there cellie

  4. Stunna Corleon says:

    Janitor…." The Clean Up Man"

  5. create-10 says:

    It's too many videos to convince the judge you not a janitor mu.

  6. OFF CODE -V2 says:

    He a janitor …get it ..he cleans up ..nigga cracking jokes on the judge bro

  7. The Boxing Analyst says:


  8. Mel S says:

    On a side note Rappers named (C-Murder) are 0-2

    For the Next Aspiring Rapper or Gangsta thinking About naming himself (C-Murda)

    Just Don't ,. Go with C-Rock, C-Money, Young C, Lil C, C-Boogie
    C-Mac, C-Da Judge

    Anything But (C-Murda) ..

  9. Mel S says:

    It would be funny if they Got Lawyers & Attorneys who's litigation and defense was just the Lawyers Screaming: Gang Gang and calling
    The FED's. Goofy

    "Excuse me your honor, But the prosecutor is a weirdo".

    "Your Honor the Jury ain't Gang, they're a bunch of Goofies".

    Funny how the Tables turn now they wanna look like goofies that work at Popeyes and push a mop bucket.

  10. Wonda Smalls says:

    They need to investigate the police cause they let him die

  11. Charles Harper says:

    But who gave out duck location to oblock

  12. Killuminati’z Own Rebel says:

    Muwop always make sure new rolls in the bathroom after 10:30 sermon

  13. Real Hittas says:

    Free Muwop

  14. devin bee says:

    If Muwop was a janitor then I guess Duck was a spill on aisle 63. Rip Duck

  15. Mark Samuel says:

    Real puppet masters kno That back doe always open

  16. Det1911 says:

    how did they get Ducks Lo?

  17. juanita mitchell says:

    Just because they caught the killers don’t mean Duck wasn’t back doored 100 percent

  18. Oojie says:

    They need to arrest duck momma for lying to the law

  19. TAYREESE LAND says:


  20. TheBlackMarket336 says:

    Is that boy muwap is a troll yeah hes a janitor all right he'd be mopping em up

  21. Chip Hillview says:

    Mama duck said that shit to

  22. SoFly Win says:

    Ya know what muwop refer to as an janitor right? Hitman uses this as advertise

  23. Simeon Tofiakwa says:

    So pple want the blogs to name killers from the opposite but they don't want the same to happen on the other side

  24. sinmail101 says:

    Muwop really do be cleaning shit he that nigga with the mop read between the. Lines he didn't lie

  25. Oscar Noyola says:

    Cash and Dutch name not clear yet… how tf u think they got Ducks Lo?… they gave up the location…

  26. jhl jhl says:

    Tupac-"They say it's the white man I should fear, But it's my own kind doin' all the killin' here."

  27. Robert Smith says:

    FBG Cash ain't Coo,

  28. Robert Smith says:

    Yep, You Could Be Wrong,

  29. Deshar Harrold says:

    He basically named everything at the jail ..job wise lol

  30. Same Spit Different Face TV says:

    Salute on update

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