Murdaugh: Death & Deceit WJCL INVESTIGATES

Murdaugh: Death & Deceit WJCL INVESTIGATES

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44 Responses

  1. L B says:

    Privileged junkie who killed his family

  2. Bradley Kane says:

    I can see straight through his suicide story thing is if that was all for insurance fraud
    The only way to get a pay off is if he died
    This guy needed to look like a victim, he needs everyone to think he’s a target because someone killed his family right
    I don’t believe for a second he wanted to die so his son could collect this was all about making you think he’s a target when that fell through he went with the bs insurance plot

  3. Mami Ayiti says:

    Everybody in the legal system of that town appear crooked. I even question the insurance company because her death certificate said died of natural causes, which we know is not true, however since when would insurance pay out for wrongful death with that cause of death on the death certificate?

  4. Bella says:

    So PMPED is going to keep the firm's name ?!
    The ENTIRE law firm is corrupt. Kinda like the Charles Manson, Timothy McVey, and Sons of Sam Associates Law Firm :/

  5. Rackey says:

    The music is so off putting ahhh

  6. Isabella Angeline says:

    23:52 What I want to know is, the cops who helped shut the investigation down, will they be facing charges? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I wouldn’t feel safe at all if those were the cops allegedly “keeping my city safe.” Every single one need to be investigated and charged accordingly, but we know that won’t ever happen. It’s the United States where cops are allowed to be corrupt. They’re given promotions for it.

  7. Isabella Angeline says:

    His bond was only $20,000? Absolute white privilege at work.

  8. Isabella Angeline says:

    This family…”cry for us because our pain is real. The pain we cause others, well, we’re rich so that doesn’t matter.” Absolute crocodile tears from the lot of them. They have the local cops wrapped around their finger and they’ve kept them from investigating cases they were involved in. Throw the cops in prison with the entire family.

  9. Angie Coers says:

    All I know is we have more Lawyers in SC per capita. We don't have a lot of crimes here, they must have a side hustle somewhere as you can see. If no crime, they make one up.

  10. The yelly one says:

    I hope the truth will come out without too much interference from the good ol' boy network, The evidence of their hands in this case is already too obvious revealed by the case of Stephen Smith. The complete lack of integrity shown in the house keeper's family's settlement is a huge red flag and seems to paint daddy in the worst possible light. No wonder he tried to fake his own murder.
    This is a cautionary tale of the dangers of privilege and undeserved power.

  11. Kimberly Ayres says:

    That's one ugly family!

  12. Jessica Beee 616 says:

    This story is so juicy and mysterious. LOVE IT. Hope they come out with a 5 part series of these prominent dumbazzes. If Alex can plot his own su!c!de, he can plot to have his fam k!lled

  13. Chad Lynch says:

    This is what happens when a family that becomes to powerful gets embedded in a small town , they become like the MOB !!

  14. Simon Messenger says:

    I ♥ for the Murdaugh family victims

  15. Michelle says:

    Least he lost some weight

  16. Cody says:

    Cmon. We all know what happened here. He’s a big time lawyer, he represents a client that either offered to do him a favor anytime he needed it or he told the client that the client owed him one. Walla, calls a hit on his family. the son might’ve just been in the way or a witness. He probably just didn’t want to be with his wife anymore.

  17. UwU says:

    DISGUSTING FAMILY…every single one of them

  18. Devin Parker says:


  19. BRUCE P says:

    The brothers and he and the dad have been arrogant bastards for decades. Alek probably did it or hired it!

  20. BRUCE P says:

    All about it on Reddit

  21. jennifer king says:

    That family offed their housekeeper! N they did it for the money! Alex has to be an evil monster to do that to her boys who clearly trusted him to handle everything to do with her death n law suit asks himself! That's exactly what he counted on tho!

  22. jennifer king says:

    This family's been getting away with shady crap their whole lives cuz they were a " wealthy prominent respected family"! How wrong that turned out to be! People say he's been buying their way out of trouble n it now comes out he's been stealing money!? He's a real manipulator and narcissistic nutjob!

  23. Zoey Rochelle Zhombie says:

    The third portrait looks like a young Michael Caine.

  24. Beautiful Rosemary says:

    @RileyMiller that red is not your color. There are colorists who work in personal styling and they'll tell you which colors are flattering to wear and what to avoid. That red flushes her out. She's a pretty lady… just not a flattering color.

  25. Herman German says:

    Do we know if the wife and/or son had life insurance? If so, how much?

  26. melanie arant says:

    would have been to afraid to stay there until the police came. How did he know the killers were gone? Was there insurance money

  27. Helena Greenwood says:

    I thought his surname rhymed with murder didn't realize it was pronounced MurDOCK – although he will end up in the dock

  28. Suzy Moroka says:


  29. Jennifer Tobin says:


    How befitting that your last name sounds eerily like the word: “MURDER”

    I believe WHOLEHEARTEDLY you killed your wife and other son and then attempted to escape your own actions by having yourself killed because your such a coward, you can’t do it yourself – l hope you read this !!! God tells me to forgive you and I forgive you – but you’re going to face your maker SOON …
    And unless you humble yourself & repent & tell the truth – GET READY FOR HELLFIRE !
    If you think you’re stronger than a demon in hell,
    good luck with that !

  30. Denise Sills says:

    Officer says. ;”do you know who’s son that is. “?!! Good luck that’s Alex Murdaugh son good luck!!!!????

  31. midengineZ06 says:

    Evil Family

  32. Don Olbers says:

    So Smith goes through withdrawal in jail, while ol' dude gets medically assisted detox? Nice.

  33. Dan Cook says:

    This family is corrupt after the family coved up murder

  34. Julius Schutte says:

    When people are completely taken over by wickedness, unbelievable, don’t let satan rule over your life.

  35. Laura Burger says:

    The reporter called them Murdoch this whole time it’s not Murdoch!

  36. DareYa says:

    Mallory’s boyfriend said a mouthful that night and I believe every word!

  37. Marcea Susanna says:

    He killed them both or he ordered it killed I have no doubt

  38. Toni A. says:

    A “good outcome” would be justice for all the lives lost at the hands of this entitled family. Unfortunately, the chance of that is very small given location of events, family’s influence/connections and profession.

  39. Mac Kinnon says:

    A just end to a vile line of demons.

  40. Becky l says:

    Its Horrible to come from a family with opportunity and do what he has done. Its coming clearer that he could have been involved in his wife and son murder. If he was going to one of sons the one that had legal problems was going to cost him. Its all insane he is a evil man. I pray justice is served.

  41. foad 5981 says:

    He "could" face up to 20 years in prison…. but he won't, the judge will give him 3 months of probation….
    Just like how the judge gave him such a low bond.
    If that was you or I we would get screwed….

  42. foad 5981 says:

    Here's a suspect for you….Alex murdaugh….
    He had it done so he could collect life insurance on them.
    He's blaming it all on addiction to oxycontin….he is disgusting

  43. The Famous rleon!!! says:

    Murdoch: *stages crimes

    Phelps from the LAPD: “Go house-to-house to see what you’ve come up with.”

  44. Nancy Browning says:

    he shot his wife and son, or hired someone to shoot them

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