Mother dies after calling police seven times about abusive boyfriend

She had called the police seven times in a year, including reports of death threats and attacks by her boyfriend.


The last time she called was in April last year, as Daniela Espirito Santo reported another assault. An hour later, she was dead. Her boyfriend Julio Jesus was sentenced to just ten months in prison, after the Crown Prosecution Service dropped its manslaughter charge.

In a confidential police watchdog report obtained by the New York Times and seen by this programme, we can reveal the full extent of Daniela’s contact with police before she died. As we report, lawyers say her death shows the system is failing victims of domestic violence.


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18 Responses

  1. Jim black says:

    What can the police do if the so called victim doesn’t want to press charges

  2. Gang Stalking2 says:

    I know what is.after thé victim when she leave him..become thé abuser

  3. Peripatetic says:

    Most of this cases are not from Islington. I don't trust the authority.

  4. Lorraine Sherwin says:

    Its murder

  5. Uzor Stanley says:

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  6. I believe you says:

    How many times have we heard,EXACTLY THE SAME STORY now?I can think of ten cases.Nothing changes.I'm sure the Police are keeping an open mind.That's all they ever do.

  7. Tom. Jesus saves. says:

    He will kill you get out! This is common my mother knew a woman who died by her husband

  8. Michael Pout says:

    The police are useless they protect the criminals

  9. 1justice2012 says:

    How pathetic, she died while on hole.

  10. J Antelopez says:

    im for psychological profiling bullies – violent or not violent – male and female – just like we have a credit rating – a person raised to be a bully should not be allowed to work in government jobs, and should have to see a shrink if they live with a kid or to get their bully rating down to grow out of it. physical abuse is grounded in emotional failure

  11. Fiona says:

    The police need to be held accountable. They should have kept her safe..So sad and the trauma to her kids..

  12. Faithless Hound says:

    The "Independent" body handling complaints seems to look at things the same way as the police forces complained about do. All they do is confirm that the force's own standing orders were followed.

  13. fuckfannyfiddlefart says:

    Why do some women stay with abusers.


  14. RR PLAN C says:

    All lies.

  15. Joelious Gaming says:


  16. Dischordian says:

    The system IS NOT BROKEN… It's doing exactly what it's supposed to. Terrify us all by one means or another, divide men and women against each other, divide cultures and creeds, letting people die to achieve its aims.

  17. Loki Reid says:

    Things haven't changed in 20 years. So sad

  18. Zami Adams says:

    Such a tragic story and my heart goes out to her poor family, I am a victim of female domestic violence, I'll never be the same again after being in very violent relationships, I've been single 5 years now and am happy on my own. All domestic violence should be treated alot more seriously.

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