Most Painful Things A Human Can Experience #3

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What are even more painful things that a human can experience? Have you ever felt such pain that you wanted to cry and scream? No pain no gain, so they say. And on that note we’re back again for the third time in this series as we explore the avenues and alleyways of physical discomfort. In our quest to discover the most painful human experience you can possibly suffer you might find yourself (as a passive bystander) feeling a little squeamish. But, that’s okay. Seems you guys can’t get enough of it, and we’re as always, happy to oblige here at the Infographics Show. From the sting of the stonefish, we explore a world of pain once again. Discover the acute delirium of malaria and the utter horrorshow of a gonadal torsion. On this episode of The Infographics Show we’ll be looking deep into pain as we share with you the – Most Painful Things a Human can Experience – Part 3






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36 Responses

  1. Fluttershy Is A Goddess says:

    1:16 "We discussed Toothache, Butthurt"

  2. OhKirby says:

    When you end up w/CRPS at 18 xDD sheeesh

  3. Youssef Eslam says:

    I think getting sawed from the groin up is the most painful… I mean the name says it all

  4. DarkOpposite says:

    The most, most, most and the most painful thing for men is getting your testicles crushed, it's a unbearable pain and it's worse than getting shot by a real gun.

  5. Walter O Brien says:

    I can confirm on the Gonadal Torsion as a former football player it happened in practice and i couldn't do anything let alone sit in class

  6. Jason Schwarzman says:

    Nothing quite as painful as a kick to the nuts? Is this a joke? Then why isn’t it on the list? Morons. You don’t realize what you said.
    Youre actually saying it hurts worse than being skinned alive? Or boiled? Seriously? Lol

  7. Andre Roxx says:

    I've had malria before. It sure but it has nothing on a bad toothache

  8. Angela Mason says:

    I had twisted bowels due to surgery complications. Ouch! The intense spasms in the lower back and belly were happening so quickly I had to be placed on oxygen because I was having shortness of breath. Also, I was screaming while throwing up because it felt like being stabbed with a knife. Emergency surgery was the only relief and remedy.

  9. God is real says:

    Most painful thing a human can expirience

  10. Mark Alexander says:

    The worst mental pain a person can feel is Borderline Personality Disorder and the most physically painful thing a person can experience is cluster headaches. Pretty much all experts agree.

  11. Mark Alexander says:

    The one's that always come out tops are cluster headaches, frozen shoulder, acute pancreatitis, trigeminal neuralgia, shingle, sickle cell, acute complex regional pain syndrome, kidney stones, cancer pain, post-surgical pain and second degree burns.

  12. Guadalupe Perez says:

    My most painful experience was getting an IUD installed and having 7 months straight of painful cramps and periods that caused me to lose even more blood. I had it taken out when I showed early signs of pelvic inflammatory disease and went to a different doctor that actually looked me over and gave me a solid diagnosis instead of throwing birth control at me.

  13. Gaming Hub says:

    Getting hit by a bike and getting half of ur face skin off and break a tooth

  14. Michelle Shi says:

    #1 Meeting someone whose entire personality is based off of tiktok

  15. Barock Drone Bomba says:

    I call your bluff and I raise you a dislocated kneecap. That is all.

  16. Emily S says:

    Getting stood on by a horse

  17. Runner says:

    Master: worse then malaria

  18. buckley. says:

    The most painful thing isn’t a cut or a broken nose, the most pain thing is seeing people you made memories with slowly become memories.

    – Madara Uchiha

  19. Jo Nelson says:

    Mine's a tie between a cluster headache and a rupturing ovarian cyst. I've had both multiple times and I feel like I'm dying every time.

  20. Jalena A ❤️ says:

    I haven’t watched much of this video yet, but I don’t think “accidentally hurting your baby brother and he starts crying” will be in it.

  21. muhammad lessons says:

    #1 brothers killing your kitties in minecraft and blowing up your home

  22. Stephanie says:

    Gallstones/Gallbladder surgery is beyond painful

  23. Kermit the ogre says:

    1: U forget to save, then the game crashes

  24. Debbie Romancino says:

    The Kardashian family

  25. Adrianne Neal says:

    Back surgery is the worst pain I've ever been through

  26. Julie Gogola says:

    I'm going to go with the Pain of burned skin, and although I have never given birth to a baby, a simple visit to the OBGYN for a "pap smear", is torture enough. Now as for the guys having pain from a "Kick in the nads", why DO THEY MAKE ALL OF THE VIDEOS OF THEMSELVES harming themselves with hits to their "sacks"?

  27. The- Queen Maleficent says:

    Having experienced 15 surgeries and the horrific pain that caused the surgeries, I know all about the worst pain we can endure

  28. Charles the nobody says:

    Getting stomped in Nuts with boots

  29. student student says:

    Everything is painful

  30. GW Disc Golf says:

    I'm never going in the ocean again

  31. jasonboneman says:

    urinary track dialation is pretty horrible

  32. PhaseWarp says:

    Simple being burnt alive

  33. Jesus Martinez says:

    Saliva gland stones

  34. E E says:

    Ok funny but painful story so once I was playing on the chick fil a playground and I was was running fast and I wasn't looking in front of me and then BAM I smacked my entire forehead straight open and went to the emergency room

  35. Eric Mason says:

    Number 1 most pain in the world:
    When you die in lava with a stack of diamonds

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