Most Effective Credit Bureau Dispute letter|| Better than Section 609 & 604

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Proven to be more effective than section 609 and 604 dispute letters

Hi guys this is Ali today I’m going to
share with you how to dramatically

increase your credit score and improve
your credit report using the most effective

credit bureau dispute letter that I’ve provided below
now there are two things that you need

to know about how to use this credit
bureau dispute.

Firstly, creditors can sue
you and you want to be very very careful

on how you utilize this letter I’ve
actually come across many people that

have been sued when they’ve disputed
accounts . To protect yourself you need to be aware

of one particular piece of state legislation.
Every state has what they call a statute

of limitations for debts, for instance in
California the statute of limitations of

four years , meaning creditors can take you to
court for up to four years from the time

the item fell behind. So if
you fall behind on a debt today you

don’t pay it the creditors, they have up to
four years to sue you for that debt

granted nobody’s gonna take you to court
over two or three hundred bucks but if

you owe somebody several thousands of
dollars, yes if it is within statute of

limitations, they can sue you
Now the second thing that will

really help you increase your
effectiveness of the credibility letter, and repair your credit is

addresses , now your credit report if
you look at it has a bunch of addresses

that you may have lived at sometime, it
has your work addresses as well too

sometimes it may have an address to a
relative ,

this could happen if shared a joint account with that person.
Now I would basically ask you

to go ahead and dispute any questionable
erroneous addresses that are part of

your credit file the reason why we do?
If a questionable account is

linked to a certain address meaning a
creditor reports that address on your

credit report, now if you go ahead and
ask the credit bureaus to remove that address

odds are that the item may more
easily come off your credit report

therefore dramatically increasing your
deletion rate I hope these were helpful credit repair tips

your comments and feedback
are welcome below

if you have any questions or need any specific help, do reach out to me


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