Check out 609 Credit repair where we have credit repair letters that work and help you dispute items on your credit report!

MyFico has the best fico scores, but they are more expensive. Monthly subscriptions on there allow you to get the alerts of when items are removed. MyFico is really good about knowing what’s going on.
Other services you can use are:

CreditKarma isn’t the most accurate but it’s free.



PAPERBACK of The Easy Section 609 Credit Repair Secret: Remove All Negative Accounts In 30 Days Using A Federal Law Loophole :

A lot of the questions you have can all be answered in this frequently asked questions area, so be sure to give it a read first.

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30 Responses

  1. yandri valdes says:

    eyyy you on some other level lol hype

  2. Cire swagger says:

    Nav is an awesome credit monitoring service

  3. Give Me All Them Assets says:

    Is credit karma a rough estimate or your fico can be completely different?

  4. PPCMTV says:

    Do you have any new info on the new FICO system coming in 2019?

  5. ThatGuyRiely says:

    Experian is free from experian

  6. jahnel simpson says:

    That hat though!

  7. Patrick Falls says:

    Brandon, great information! Is that hat available online? Thanks!

  8. Just ASK WILLIS! says:

    I have sent certified letters myself to the credit bureaus. It takes time to send proof of payment, printing them off, all the info attached. I first used a 14 free day trial or maybe 30 days from Experian? One of those places and then printed off my credit report. Then I joined for free Credit Sesame & Credit Karma. All had different scores, however as you stated the scores wouldn't be exact with one another; but in the same ball park. I then marked and wrote which credit bureau had this debt and that debt marked as one won't even have a debt reported as another will. Debts I had forgotten about and did the pay for deletion and paid the full amounts and kept record through banking, confirmation numbers, you name it. Had 5 and waiting for the last 2 to drop off. Credit score has risen and it's a daily thing. Credit Sesame raised one day 27 points and 3 days later 3 points so it varies. There are pros and cons to each, but hey they are free and credit sesame offers a little more than Credit Karma. I searched for the best Credit Monitoring Service and had to watch your video! Taking your advice and signing up for one of the top 3 you mentioned to get my correct score. You wanted a comment, so here is a long one. Love your enthusiasm and will be watching more! Sorry for typos I should be working!

  9. Take A. Breath says:

    Thank you for all your videos! Is there any disadvantage to using the Experian free membership that provides an updated credit score every 30 days?

  10. jonnita walker says:

    I receive my monthly FICO through Amex & my Discover accounts. MyFico is $60 for all three scores or $19.99 for one.

  11. Mr Mattbanks says:

    MyFico and experian credit MontiorIng

  12. P LuvsLife says:

    Im really confused. I sifned up for both IdentityIQ and Privacy Guard. My scores with Privacy Guard is Substantially Lower than IdentityIQ. What is happeing in my life? Is like looking at two different people report, but I verified that its me???

  13. Frag World says:

    Super cool brother

  14. Kenneth Starr says:


  15. ja go says:

    Bull all use different models ,even in fico 8. Even all car insurance use the own molding. To screen and f@#$ u over. We need one size fits all and free for us. And the right to sue fico.

  16. sexi_reem says:

    Hello. What do you think of identity sercure?

  17. Miss G says:

    Whats the purpose of credit karma and their vantage score if creditors only consider fico?

  18. Brandon Weaver says:

    Check out 609 Credit repair where we have credit repair letters that work and help remove unverified items from your credit reports!


  19. sanders cherry says:

    credit karma: gives you alerts and has transUnion  and Equifax scores it's ok

  20. Angie says:

    How do we know which company has accurate Fico scores??

  21. tayta25 says:

    Hi Brandon, thanks for providing this service… I’ve sent my Round #1 letters certified but TransUnion letter is still pending for delivery. What about Credit Sesame for credit monitoring? Isn’t it free as well?? Will this put an actual inquiry on your report if you sign up for any of these monitoring services?

  22. ProudRikan says:

    Hello Brandon, On my credit report, I noticed duplicates of my name. Tripled checked spelling and is correct. I also noticed no space between first name and last name. Can I dispute these entries?

  23. Lisa Crist says:

    Logged into privacy guard but I can't view my scores. Why is that??

  24. Anquawn says:

    If you watch your credit daily then MY FICO is the way to go. As Brandon mentioned no you don't get updated credit reports every month but you get quarterly reports.The reason this is good for daily credit watchers like myself is because every time there is a change on 1 of your reports you get notified of that change via text, email, and or the mobile app. Depending on that change it will show you if your score goes up, down, or remains the same. I like this feature because I am disputing using the beyond committed package, so while I wait to hear back from the credit bureaus I have a clear picture of what changes are being made as well as things I do myself. Privacy Guard is good but I cancelled it. You only get monthly updates with PG, and I noticed my scores are 20-50 points lower on PG than on my fico which is weird. I also use Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, Capital One Creditwise, Experian, Bank of America fico score, and Discover Fico score, all of those are free. I was using TransUnion monthly report which was also pretty good. I cancelled it because with me disputing I wanted all 3 of my scores and all the free credit apps out there utilize TransUnion so no need to pay extra for. I know this sounds like a lot but I'm serious about getting my credit score back above 700s. I work too hard for it not to be there. No one wants to have to pay extra for things because of there credit not being at a certain point. At least I don't. Trust the process.

  25. Felicia Sherman says:

    I use Credit karma to check my TransUnion and Equifax accounts and I use Experian to check my Experian (hence the name) and I also use Credit Sesame….I was using WalletHub but I am going to have it deleted…I will check out more apps to check credit score..but the apps that I just listed are good

  26. Aqeelah Shakur says:

    Is it legal for a creditor to continue reporting your account as delinquent it the status is closed/charged/off?

  27. Cindy Montana says:

    Discover gives you a fico score even if you don't have their card

  28. Robin Briggs says:

    I use My Fico BUT I also belong to Privacy Guard. The scores are so different between them. Privacy Guard they are lower.

  29. LUVzCRUSH138 says:

    I am under contract right now to buy a house. My scores had gone into the 700s with adding trade lines and keeping balances low. I recently had an old collection that I didn't even owe and been fighting for years pop back up on my credit which dramatically dropped my score. I just eneded up settling the account to get it over with so that it would look as negative as it would look with a balance. My question is should I wait till after my house closes in the summer to dispute negative accounts, collections, and inquiries or do I have time to start now. I ask because I was told it can hurt your chances of keeping your loan approval if you have an ongoings credit investigation. Right now I think I am fighting time trying to build my credit back before close date so that I can get a good mortage apr rate. What would you suggest? Thanks in advance.

  30. Wade St Denis says:

    reading my credit score its shows these 3 are impactung my credit score . i know the second is apply for cell phone contract but i don't understand the first n second one this what ut says that affecting my credit score . Number of bank Installment trades currently past due.Number of telco inquiries in the last 12 months.Number of bank installment trades bad debt in last 6 months.. i have 15 hard inquiry. 3 collections n a few write off . n last question whichs ones i should start off with for sendkng dispute letter

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