Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – July 1

Bill Cosby is released from prison after the Pennsylvania supreme court overturns his aggravated indecent assault conviction, President Biden visits the site of the deadly Surfside, Florida, condo collapse, and 17 people are injured after an explosion during a seizure of illegal fireworks in Los Angeles, California. 

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#BillCosby #Heatwave #Surfside


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43 Responses

  1. Silva Fernandez says:

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  2. MII says:

    Dam he could run in a marathon now…hehehe..before jail he could barely walk.


    I am a Cosby kid forever! Fk who don't like it! And fk the American courts!

  4. James Molley says:

    If it was anyone else, they would have died in prison for the crimes he committed.

  5. Nice Shot says:

    (Reporter) "Bill, what's the first thing your going to do"
    (Bill) "Well you know, I'm going to roofie myself and wake up hoping it was all a nightmare."

  6. Floorz Galore says:

    Mr Cosby deserves to be out, he was only blackmailed for almost 15 years !!!! Lol

  7. Christopher Clark says:

    It's the Law. Get over it.

  8. Phoenix Ray says:

    Run for president

  9. Colleen Tanzey says:

    He doesn't look so feeble, hopeless and helpless like he showed us for court.

  10. S.A. G says:

    Hello friend – I'm here to raype you.

  11. Jaye says:

    He looks so frail.

  12. tampa dw4l says:

    ME TOO is full of LIES. That is a lie he has mass support in the Black community. Not because he didn't cause some of the harm that was stated but, because he represents to us an example of overcoming a WS system that is bent on returning a people to a form of slavery. A person cannot be tried for something that is already settled. Hopefully he will use whatever means he has to help underrepresented persons who are wrongfully incarcerated.

  13. Tanya Dyan says:

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  14. Rocky Stone says:

    Had he not been tried unfairly he would not have needed to be exonerated because it never would have happened. If he did those things he will face himself and the ultimate judge. If the law determines he was tried twice unfairly the conviction doesn't stand and he is legally "not guilty". It never means you are innocent. Either the jury thinks the person didn't do the crime, or that there wasn't enough proof to convict and state did not meet burden of proof. Its now legally a non event which means he is now Not Guilty!!

  15. Deonte84 says:

    Bill Cosby free at last free at last thank God Almighty free at last f*** a hater love peace and soul

  16. Tina Poucher says:

    Courts can be bought if you have enough money or some kind of “leverage”!
    I feel the disgust of all those he took advantage of.

  17. Robby H says:

    5k lbs of fireworks; what is that, like 500$ worth. I couldn't name a millionaire, good ole boy, ANYWHERE in this country…who don't have five thousand pounds of commercial grade fireworks come June.
    Get a grip.

    I guess all those poorly educated but experienced veteran government employees are gone, now we're seeing the results of uneducated and inexperienced youth, (under forty), and the decision making skills. Also, a lot of things in this country are beyond out dated. We have the majority of the country driving on dangerous road and drinking unsafe water….but, well; just look where the money goes. Also, across the whole country…billions in CORONAVIRUS relief for government, state, county, and city provisions WERE LOST. YES, IN YOUR LOCAL CITY AND COUNTY MILLIONS IN RELIEF WERE LOST. You probably could have read about it briefly on page four of your city newspaper.
    Lmao, but who buys the paper and actually makes it to page four in 2021?!!! ROFL. No more speaking of it, just like we can't take about the hundreds charged in multiple states for fraudulent overtime charges by employees of many government and municipal agencies.
    Dag on transportation workers clocking in on January the first and not clocking out till December! These people were making millions on taxpayer dime; AND YOU DON'T THINK IT'S RAMPANT, MORE RAMPANT THAN CHILDREN BEING MOLESTED BY MARRIED MEN….WHICH THANKS TO THE POWERS AT BE IS NOW RAMPANT IN THE MIDDLE EAST, CURRENTLY MAKING NEWS…AGAIN, NOT HEADLINES THOUGH!?!!
    Uneducated, and uninformed majority.
    Even if you are educated nowadays; where, liberal or conservative institution…public or privately funded?. It's all soooo convoluted. Wayne said it best in 2004…."cause our world is different…like Dwa…"

  18. Sandra Glover says:

    And second of all I do not believe that Mr. Cosby would have done such a thing when he had everything going for himself you guys talking about being fair then put everybody on trial and put everybody in prison for raping us and our ancestors and killing us and wiping babies and someone in slave days when are you guys going to stand up and take the fall for that

  19. Sandra Glover says:

    You guys are seeing Mr. Cosby is guilty allegedly we have not gotten any justice for your ancestors raping and killing us over 100 years ago we need someone to be responsible for that to

  20. Sandra Glover says:

    You guys are allegedly saying that Mr. Cosby did these things to women what about how you guys ancestors treated us and slavery 100 years ago and we have not gotten any justice so we want justice to and reparation why does right wrong is wrong and you guys are guilty at fault your ancestors didn’t have any remorse or empathy for us so maybe they are psychopath and all the things that you said that Mr. Cosby is your ancestors were to write

  21. lucie menard says:

    I'm so happy for Cosby get out jail at this old age. I had good feeling he wasn't guilty.

  22. Benjamin Gal-Or says:


    AND-No land dispute-in-JERUSALEM-MASSCRE-of-JEWS-by-Local-ARABS-1847.[4]
    -UN-(LoN)-INT'L-LAW:-Palestine-Is-Jewish-Nation-Homeland;-with Attached-MAPS.[6]


    (A)-"GRAVITISM", Lecture-VI, p.283
    (B)-"HAVAISM-THE SCIENCE-OF-THE-WHOLE"-Lecture-IX,-p.348-418
    [6] or-at-'in'-youtube,-or-Wikipedia,-or-name-click-above.
    [7]-G7-NATO-INTERPOL-Anti-Terror., or-at-'in',-or-youtube,-or-name-click., Truncated-under-space-limits-at-my-'in'.


  23. Steve Wagner says:

    Bill got a second chance, miracles do happen.

  24. Ron Rendina says:

    How does a building get pulverized? By collapseing .looks like 911

  25. Damita Larkin says:

    The reporter's voice is so nasal.. she's hard to listen to…

  26. Never Trust a soul says:

    Due process is what it’s all about

  27. Blakk Dahlyon says:

    Not one of these 50 females gave $1.00 to battered women charities…and neither did any women reading this.

  28. Blakk Dahlyon says:

    50 shades of lies.

  29. Reggie Turner says:

    What you talking he is guilty! He is not guilty because it was a bogus charges!

  30. Sidestreets says:

    I hope bill sues

  31. Reggie Turner says:

    Yes!!! Good for big Bill!!!!

  32. David James says:

    Keep him away from women

  33. Aisea Ratokalau says:

    Where is the real prove that he actually did it without words.Show me the picture that he did it?Lazy women looking for fast money.What if Cosby is not famous,will this women still come to court n judge Cosby?How many more out there,that are not even told?really?

  34. blue puppy says:

    Remove the statue of limitations. Then the older ones can be prosecuted.

  35. Vlad Jean Jacques says:

    If he cant be trial for the same crime twice, does that mean he now has a license to drug women?

  36. ROBERTO SANTOS says:

    Free Bill

  37. Rhoda RIGGS says:

    If all movie producers and the movie stars arrested over sexual crimes
    They would have to build bigger prisons.
    This is all about easy money.
    Like he said it's not a black thing .
    Hey. Evan the judges how many guilty?
    And the preachers and the teachers.
    Most famous women are fami)iar with
    The average interview. It's routine.
    And now truths comes out..
    And hopefully justice done.

  38. Roxanne Mitchell says:

    God, I'm tired of taxes aren't you!? UGH!

  39. Andy H says:

    His kids are buzzing. They know they done that really old billionair proud.

  40. Andy H says:

    Since when did- free the celebrity who sang "Hit me baby, one more time" sound like- Release the celebrity who drugged women over 50 times?

  41. J D says:

    It's a complete clown show. Can anyone in today's world really tell me where something like this was only done in a verbal form? A lawyer made an agreement and it's not in writing, such bs

  42. Herb j says:

    So Cosby got off not because he's innocent but because of a technically so he is still guilty..a regular joe would be in jail forever and who get a promise of no prosecution!?..and how?.. the perks of the privileged I tell you.

  43. bob gertrude says:

    I think pill Bill is actually Cornpop.

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