More details emerge about 8 deaths at Florida nursing home

After some residents were taken to a hospital across the street, doctors and nurses were concerned by what they saw and went to the nursing home.


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  1. mary murphy says:

    I love nurses. Notice how it wasn’t a doctor to walk across the street.

  2. Валерия Никифорова says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ➜

  3. NelsonClick says:

    Elderly people (which you and I will be one day if we're lucky) can NOT sweat easily.  Their diminished bodies can't protect themselves from heat as before.  Sustained heat/humidity can be deadly instead of an annoyance.  Nursing home nurses are regarded as a lower caste in the nurse community and consequently accustomed to NOT having any decision making authority over patients.  The fault here lies mostly with the administration for not "stepping up" to extreme circumstances; like a hurricane, and prematurely rushing back into work routine like everything was back to normal. The hurricane happened to everybody who worked at center and not just the patients.  I wonder if the prisons had air conditioning yet? Bet they did.

  4. Guillermo Martinez says:

    Anyone notice the fake transition between the reporter asking questions and the press conference?

  5. Emily Garcia says:

    Two words: negligent manslaughter

  6. ShawN TyleR says:


  7. MrKZdemos says:

    Its florida… relax

  8. outlawX357 says:

    happens everyday across the country for decades people are abused like this and no one says a thing

  9. Pat Isaac says:

    There are charts on each and every patient, which are supposed to have information entered whenever anything unusual happens, and reported to whoever is in charge, and as a matter of routine. This means that each and every patient is supposed to be checked on and tended to on an hourly basis, (some more often than others) and records are supposed to be kept. During a hurricane, and not evacuating, administration should have brought in more staff, such as CNA's and nurses, or even temporary staff, in order to ensure that the care and needs of the patients were met. The very hour the AC stopped working correctly, steps should have been taken for the safety of the patients and for the staff as well! If no doctor was present, on site, if no head nurse was there, then who the hell was in charge? If a head nurse or doctor were there, they are the ones in charge of the well-being of the patients. Stop blaming the electric company and the relatives of the patients! FOLLOW THE MONEY! Administration, the doctor on site or on call and the head nurse(s) are the ones making the big bucks while others are busting their butts and following orders. Those (doctors, nurses, administration) are the people who should be under criminal investigation! BTW, most of the time when aides speak up and report problems, they are ignored. The aides spend the most time with the patients, and therefore know them better. Most nursing care facilities are understaffed and under paid. Again, FOLLOW THE MONEY!

  10. Alex The Beloved says:

    Very sad. Our elderly are sometimes neglected. I hope everyone recovers.

  11. Karl Tanner of Gin Alley says:

    Nurse Judy Frum can nurse me back to health because I am overheated for sure after seeing her if you know what I mean 😉

  12. Grant Joseph says:

    So fucking sick that any moral person would ship a loved one to any home. Parents…Grandparents took care of you…return the love…so sad…Amazing how quick these family members who love them jump on camera and play the blame game….hope u sleep well at night. Thank you Nurses! True heros!

  13. Gargamel Smurff says:

    Even good nursing homes have all kinds of problems that cause death

  14. Laurie Potter says:

    Where were the family and friends before the storm hit when they knew it was coming? Did they check on them then and if so what happened what were they told? I just find It unfathomable that NO ONE spoke up about what was going on or that no one went there to make sure their loved one was going to be okay staying in that facility during this catastrophic storm KNOWING that multitudes of people were fleeing the state. It is mind boggling to me and it really pisses me off.

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