Mohamed Noor’s sentence for killing Australian Justine Damond Ruszczyk drastically reduced | 7NEWS

The police officer who shot and killed Australian woman Justine Damond Ruszczyk will be released from prison as early as next year, after his sentence was sharply reduced. And today, Mohamed Noor was forgiven by Justine’s fiancé.

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42 Responses

  1. Hi Henry says:

    Lucky man, if he wasn’t a policeman he wouldn’t be getting out for a long time.

  2. UNCOVR says:

    Still an incompetent murderer, who takes off his pathetic father.

  3. Hasani Jitu says:

    This was a justified killing of a crazed woman that startled the officers with her bizarre behavior and he should be freed immediately!!!

  4. Timetryp says:


  5. Fluffy 4eva says:

    Fuk i wouldnt give forgiveness i be wanting give him exact treatment

  6. Able Rides says:

    He’s going to be home in a few months now. Minneapolis has become a Muslim state in the USA, women’s rights are a thing of the past there now.

  7. Larry Johnson says:

    The officer was just doing his job and she walked up on him in the dark and caused him to think he was being attacked. It was unfortunate. You guys should forgive the officer like her fiance did, right? 57 months in prison is a fair sentence for this accident. I hope none of you are so angry at the officer for racial reasons.

  8. Russell Horsefield says:

    Manslaughter Charges are normally ten years plus in Australia, This African Import Cop got off very lightly after being very sorry victim's old man. 57 months is unheard of and there should be an appeal about his sentence. Nevermind the crims behind bars will make sure they will give him a sobering reminding of what he done as crims hate ex cops as a whole.

  9. rabiyat abdullahi says:

    Having Herpes Simplex Virus is not the end of life, I got cured after using Dr Oyagu herbal supplement

  10. Jacob and Sarah Elliott says:

    The officer just happened to be the right colour

  11. Newshound says:

    The cops are so great there that calling them is life threatening. You're kidding yourselves if you don't think you have massive issues

  12. iakg says:

    what do you expect? he's the right color isn't he?

  13. Stupid Gax says:

    You murder someone then you are a murder and will die a murder

  14. Lord Zachariah Mullensio says:

    If the husband forgave him then so should we.

  15. David R says:

    he shouldn't of for gave him , he should of been angry he then could of got life in prison ,, if she shot him she would of received life in prison for shooting a copper with out a doubt

  16. Scott Muir says:

    It was a paid hit by her Australian husband. The woman on the 911 call was also in on it. They are all going to be held accountable eventually.

  17. Justin Case says:

    Well at least her father won't have to wait as long now to be able to get hold of the scumbag and even the score.

  18. TLB says:

    If he is that trigger happy he should not be in the police force. I have thought this from the time this all happened.

  19. AquamarineKay KB says:

    I would never forgive him never.

  20. Hardhuddo Fishing says:


  21. Steve Skrobot says:

    The cops father is an idiot. He should be jumping with joy that his son got away with murder! he's complaining about his sons reduced sentence!

  22. NIGEL LOVELACE. says:

    ABC this morning 1st story, police acquitted over shooting armed Aboriginal women, 2nd story global warming THEORY, 3rd story white 4yr old abducted. Would've the 4 year old made 1st story if she was coloured ???

  23. Shimbir101 says:

    Say what you want about this case but people here actually saying the criminal justice system favours black people in America?! I can honestly only laugh at this point. Read a book, watch a documentary, you can't be this ignorant…

  24. Hieu Tran says:

    He should get the death penalty. What a joke!!

  25. George Verghese says:

    This cowardly killer would fit right in with the pansy brigade at VicPol

  26. Ethel Morales says:

    Well no doubt about it now, you can get away with murder, & always play the race card.

  27. Harold Flite says:

    White guilt is at an all time high…sickening.

  28. Cameron Hickey says:

    Maybe he can get a job with the Victorian police

  29. Music To Relax and Unwind says:

    God bless noor poor guy

  30. C J says:

    It's not done out of maliciousness. Just gross miscalculation and poor perception of the situation.

  31. Notorious says:

    Most people here wouldn’t say a word if this was a white cop accidentally killing a black person. Mistakes happen. Accept it!

  32. M49 says:

    I am furious this coward got startled, I think he should do his time. The fathers attitude is fairly typical
    response he doesn’t care this woman lost her life bc he is evil. I don’t forgive him.

  33. Victor Soriano says:

    White life's matter!

  34. Bob Jones says:

    Deport him!

  35. David R says:

    American coppers are scared of there own shadow ..

  36. seymore99 says:

    Justice is just WRONG! He should get at least 10yrs for killing a beautiful, caring innocent woman

  37. Fersuremaybe k says:

    skin pigment change sounds like a legit investment in these times of diversity

  38. paul duffield says:


  39. MrMattias87 says:

    It's not just white coppers that kills people

  40. Garfield says:

    And I wouldn't be surprised if the police let him back on the force.

  41. j patrick says:

    What a load of BULL SH-T !!!

  42. Geop says:

    White lives matter too

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