Missouri governor rejects clemency calls for Earnest Lee Johnson

Those calling for a halt to the scheduled execution of convicted killer Earnest Lee Johnson include Pope Francis and two Missouri lawmakers who are part of the Congressional Black Caucus.

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14 Responses

  1. Earnest Wright says:

    The golding rule!

  2. Steven Brumit says:

    A public servant fighting for the whole community. What a piece of s*** Cori bush. Defending criminals just like the rest of the Liberals. He should have been put down a long time ago

  3. Gerhard Clement says:

    I am German and live in Germany. A state that kills people in the name of the people or even in the name of an invented god is nothing more than a murderer. A state that murders people turns vicarious agents into murderers. If there is God then he will send these people to hell.

  4. tony scelis says:

    No I'm sorry he killed and he is getting back what he did

  5. SND says:

    Good decision governor. Justice for victims.

  6. Master sauté Cook “Nichole “ says:

    One who take us life she’ll answer to God .

  7. jtno2 says:

    I love how they frame his execution as a racial injustice. Killing 3 people is pretty much a death penalty as far as I'm concerned, white, black, brown, whatever. This pos deserves his sentence, yesterday.

  8. Random Ness says:

    When you defend people that murder innocent people, you should have your mentality checked.

  9. BigDal CoMo says:

    He murdered them with a claw hammer. One of my childhood friends mother was a victim. The crime scene was horrendous. They originally said that because he was high on pcp that was the cause of the crime now the story has changed to try and save him. May the families finally have closure.

  10. Ruth Wiesehan says:

    May the families of his crime finally have peace.

  11. Osso Duro says:

    Put him down so he can go to the Reign Club in hell

  12. Dirt Guy says:

    Let him live when he dies of old age God will put him in hell.

  13. Sgt Fubar says:

    Murdered 3 people, & Cori Bush is a fraud

  14. Eye Follow Water says:


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