Missing 411- David Paulides Presents 3 Different Cases and Nine Missing People

This video covers the following missing people cases:
James Ducat, Missing 12/15/1900
Donald Macarthur, Missing 12/15/1900
Thomas Marshall, Missing 1/15/1900
Peter Tunstead, 63 years, Missing12/27/2001
John Tunstead, 67 years, Missing 12/27/2001
Derek Batten, 36 years, Missing 12/27/2001
Russ Ballantine, 37 years, Missing 01/27/2021
Carl McRath, 34 years, Missing 01/27/2021
Alan Minard, 20 years, Missing 01/27/2021

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42 Responses

  1. Ria Fitzgerald says:

    I have many friends in Taiwan from doing business for years. They are good people. Wonderful people.

  2. Jeffrey Wright says:

    Thank you David for all you do sir !

  3. Ernie Sulovic says:

    I'm in Australi and you won't get sharks, I think, in April….too cold. I have been to Airlie Beach and done some trips to some of the surrounding Islands (day trips etc). I know of the Tasman Sea having its own "Bermuda Triangle" yet haven't heard of any on the northern coast. If it isn't a "strange" thing that happened, it could be pirates, yet I question if they were far enough from the coastline for that to happen. To take such a small boat all the way to Perth somewhat surprises me as well….from what I could see by the picture. I would guestimate you would need something quite a bit larger.

  4. Antoine Ferbos says:

    Another great video. Keep them coming. I am waiting for my local library to get some of your books to read. I am thrilled to read the books. GOD bless us all !!!!

  5. Bill Smail says:

    Dave, read the book, The China Mirage. You'll like it and it will help you understand our loooong relationship with them.
    Always remember whose military bases surround the other.

  6. wolveee says:

    They are all in on it. What are they doing with those people??

  7. Alex Prieditē says:

    We love and thank you, Dave!

  8. Proud Military Brat says:

    Since when does a coroner give theories on deaths without a body??? That's odd. That's usually a cops job.

  9. FIRST ONE says:

    every agency has its rotten apples and sexual Predators not just the National Parks

  10. FIRST ONE says:

    Mr. Paulides can you state the percentage of sexual assaults committed by Law Enforcement particularly P.O.?

  11. Doug Moore says:

    Lithium, a high grade salt (not an exotic big pharma drug) has changed my daughter's life. She used to get suicidal thoughts daily. Now no more. I find it very strange that this once ordinary salt product was taken out of the American grocery stores. Now you need a doctor's prescription to get it! Any insights on this?

  12. SRS Fleet says:

    Dave, the immediate thumbs down are by Bots, ignore it.

  13. Desperado says:

    Heres something to think about. Why are suicides higher in 1st world western democracies with high standards of living then in poor 3rd world countries that have low standards or poverty? I dont have stats on this but its something ive noticed. Are suicides just not reported in those poorer countries?

    Its something ive wondered about that seems very important i think cuz it logically doesnt make sense if this theory is correct. The why.

  14. Anthony S says:

    Gotta be able to laugh at those haters. Feel bad for your haters. That thumbs down might be all they got, holy shit that's sad.

  15. MrJamers007 says:

    The Haters attacking you are Democrats. Trust me David.

  16. MrJamers007 says:

    While this world gets more and more dangerous, all the Left is obsessed with is genders and spreading racism.
    We cannot afford to allow the Left to lead anything. They are a disgrace.

  17. Tim Adams says:

    Hey dude you're wound a little tight…maybe try decaf

  18. Josh Paul says:


  19. Donald McMaster says:

    I was an alcoholic for many years in 1991 I got saved and for 2 ½ years I tried everything to quit drinking!
    I started going to church and had everyone I could think of lay hands on me pray for me. But the craving to drink was ever present. Now for those 2 ½ years I went to church every Sunday & Wednesday. Attended every meeting prayed everyday for the urged to drink to go away! I could go about 3 days without drinking then I would give in and start drinking again. I know some people say how can you be an alcoholic and be saved? Well I know I was saved and That Jesus loved me! I spent many hours praying asking the Lord to remove this demon. But nothing happened! I remember waking up one morning in Jan, of 1993 and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said that if I didn’t quit drinking that I would be dead by the end of the year!
    Then on Tuesday September 14, 1993 I was in my driveway at home as I walked to my truck I looked in the back and there was my cooler and I opened it and there was 3 beers in it I started to grab one and I said Lord I don’t won’t this anymore!!
    Then The Holy Spirit spoke to me! The Holy Spirit said today you choose Me or Alcohol! I said Lord there is no choice it’s only you!! I said I have done everything, prayed the word over myself, had countless people pray for me and nothing seems to work!!
    I will never forget this as long as I live. The Holy Spirit said repeat this after me, Jesus take the desire of alcohol out of my HEART! That was it a simple prayer. About 4 days later I’m driving down the road and I thought it’s been 4 days and I hadn’t drank once and right then the Holy Spirit said remember you said that prayer in your driveway for Me to take the desire out of your heart and I did it’s gone son…..
    About 10 years ago I asked the Holy Spirit, when did the desire to drink enter into my heart? The Holy Spirit took me back to when I was 15 years old and I was standing in my living room in Morton Texas with my dad and he had caught me and a friend drinking. My dad said it is not ok for you to drink but when you turn 18 then it’s ok! Right there in my living room I wrote on my heart it’s ok to drink when I’m 18. I remember the day I turned 18 I was a SR in High School when school was out I remember going to the store and buying beer and said to myself it’s ok now to drink……
    It’s been 28 years and I can say that I have not had one desire for alcohol!! I call it the one step program!!
    It doesn’t matter what your struggling with Jesus can set you free!! He loves you and has an awesome plan for your life!! Ask the Holy Spirit to take that desire out of your heart and be set free!!!!!!! God is good!!

  20. Jeff Pate says:

    I hate the haters! Tks for the education for those not aware of the situation regarding semi conductors. I agree totally, China already has us right where they want us, under their thumb. The comments regarding alcoholism were spot on. I know this for a fact because of the impact this disease has had in my family. Everything you bring to the table is very interesting, informative & the accounts of the missing very intriguing. The diversity of your episodes make them very informative if people will just give them a chance.

  21. Welsh Roses, sage, sweetgrass, and shamrocks says:

    Three men each time. Very very weird.

  22. Wake Up America says:

    It’s amazing the US has put so much faith in China. Bring manufacturing home, create jobs. People, wake up, eat better, take care of yourself and use less big pharma.

  23. Dani Laurin says:

    Maytag washers lasted decades. Were simple to maintain. Then then I assume they started putting computer chips in them . And manufacturing them overseas. Quality declined and the rest is history.

  24. Daniel Hickel says:

    It’s just disturbingly obvious they are messing with you to stop you from showing the truth google YouTube are in collusion with the government to stop you from letting the public know the truth because they’re scared of it themselves and I have no answers just like with UFOs and extraterrestrial lifeforms

  25. chellene72 says:

    Yes, we need truck drivers but we also need crane operators who won’t hold the docks hostage. Especially in California where there are so many unnecessary regulations. Some ports have many truck drivers waiting for days to unload cargo but are at the mercy of crane operators.

  26. Prince Solomon says:

    I think you should separate videos about your personal political messages and the cases of missing people, these are two different subjects that shouldn't be put in the same video under a single title that isn't mentioning your political message. Stating facts and mixing them with personal political opinion…why in a video about missing people? Just some friendly criticism. Have a good day.

  27. Fokkerd3red says:

    I agree completely with what you're saying about China. Quite frankly I think the Biden Administration is in China's pocket. We're living in very dangerous times in the United States. We have Billionaire Communist Sympathizers in our country who are behind pushing these mandates as part of there agenda for population control and that plays right into China's Ideaology of breaking the will of the people.

  28. Jonathan O'Toole says:

    What you don't think is true IS true, if you are a child of God.
    "God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it." -1 Corinthians 10:13.

  29. Deborah A Blair says:

    David my friend, Screw the people who are just being jerks. YOU sir are providing a service that no one is providing. Out of love for your son. I do understand suicide all to well. You have been blessed by the Almighty to spread the word of this world. You are making people aware of the world pros and cons. I was feeling depressed today, but you gave me information that I can contact to just talk. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Please don't let the Adam Henry's of this world get you down. Karma will get them. You are a beacon that many of us need. I didn't know that I needed you until after I watched all your movies. Keep it going and GOD SPEED.

  30. deborah ouard says:

    I've been watching videos of some distribution warehouses are being told to hold shipments.theyll get loads and then are told to not send out. Also other videos of farmers stating to go out and get supplies due to shortages of food and increases of prices to triple or items to cease to be delivered.

  31. MyLovedWildAnimals says:

    Hey, Dave, when you mention a HUNTER went missing in the woods, that's music for my ears, lol, that son of a bitch got punished by the GUARDIAN SPIRITS of the wilderness. Nothing justifies the cruel killing of INNOCENT ANIMALS by hunters, killing them just for sport, out of sadism. So, please, KEEP WITH YOUR NEWS of HUNTERS GONE MISSING…… it makes me happy 🙂

  32. David Lynch says:

    thank you again

  33. Nancy Alywahby says:

    thee missing lighthouse keepers to me is the most amazing. IM subscribed, thumbs up
    every episode.

  34. Lisa Schroedel says:

    Where are the missing truck drivers? I can remember back 9 months ago when the economy was buzzing, trucks were moving. What happened? Yep. Let’s go Brandon!

  35. Gabel Davidson says:

    You need to do some research on the American Flag and the proper way it should be viewed when hanging. U need to have the Stars on the right side instead of the left.

  36. Xavier Millar says:

    We watch you up here in Canada.

  37. dreams and other stuff says:

    Meanwhile the disgusting monstrosity of a stock market rips higher forever

  38. Dark Star King says:

    Lol. Wow. The Corner speculation that they all three just fell in, tripped in, and got hit with the boom into the water? That’s like a bad script for a B movie plot.

  39. None Yabusiness says:

    China isn’t playing short term games they’re patient and they’ll the game for generations to get the end result they want…Just this guy’s opinion

  40. RedRockRancher says:

    Well said Dave. SnowFlakes need to keep hearing these truths!

  41. Madeline Criollo says:

    You probably do have more followers and YouTube is probably not showing the correct number so it discourages new followers. Del Bigtree from The Highwire eventually got his channel here taken down. Del went on to get his own website and when they were trying to accommodate all their followers their site crashed … it turns out that the few thousand they thought they had turned out to be over 200,000 and they didn't know it. ((* I probably got the numbers wrong but YouTube definitely kept those numbers way lower than they really were … people kept getting unsubscribed too))

  42. Canam Missing Project says:

    Welcome villagers! Thanks for stopping by, it is greatly appreciated.
    We are in unusual times that have added stress to an already very challenging world.
    I always try to stay close to the people that I know love and support me and in turn love and support them.

    I've noticed an increase in erratic behavior, rude posts, and attacks on this channel.
    I have zero tolerance for anyone who is threatening, attacking, making baseless accusations, zero.
    If you participate in any of these activities on my channel, you will be permanently removed.
    I want our village to be a safe place for open discourse and dialogue, were getting there.

    Thanks again for your ongoing support, you are APPRECIATED!!

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