Miraculous recovery for 13-year-old declared brain dead

Trenton McKinley is now recovering at home after being declared brain dead after suffering seven skull fractures in a dune buggy accident.


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29 Responses

  1. hans ballarta says:

    That's why I'm against organ donation

  2. Aldrin Caaya says:

    Please pray for my uncle

  3. Sugarplum WAS dug says:

    Bless this kid oh wait he's already blessed with God mercy

  4. Racheal J says:

    Cardiac Arrest isn’t Brain death… Vegetated state is also not Brain death sooooo this story is misleading. I’m glad this kid is doing alright.

  5. Rachna Garg says:

    This is not called brain death your brain completely dies in brain death It seems he have severy brain damage are news channels even get past collage

  6. Lạc Gia Tất says:

    That’s Coma. Brain death means the brain is dead and the body’s organs are able to survive cause of machines ( whatever, u name it). Coma is vegetarian state, which is a long sleep.

  7. Tatakae Tatakae says:

    Brain death is irreversable.It might be severe coma.

  8. Abdul Rockman says:


  9. David Trammell says:

    Only the power of God can do that. The Word says "For with God, nothing shall be impossible." There's nothing God can't do. If it's not your time to die, you won't (and God knew it wasn't her time.) He saved me from death, in 1990. Only God knows when you're gonna die. If doctors say there's no chance, God can prove that there is. Your life on earth won't end, until God says it's your time to go.

  10. Lean Galaxy Gaming says:


  11. Sexy Man Sam says:

    Sounds like brain dead really isn’t dead then.

  12. Nana Chinita says:

    We need miracle for my friend carlo. Please we need prayers

  13. SONG SALON says:

    BUT GOD.
    BUT GOD.

  14. matthew schreiner says:

    If he was brain dead than he would be dead, so this might have been a severe coma. One of my grandparents had two very bad aneurysms and was brain dead. Good for him!

  15. Nice Guy Nice says:

    Thank goodness

  16. Karley J Stevens says:

    Amazing! Never Give Up

  17. Вы ничего не видели says:

    No, its not god.

  18. christina says:

    Imagine being the friend that did that to him

  19. Maxine McFarlane says:

    he wasn't brain dead.

  20. lorna mcelreath says:

    AMEN, So be it!!! The Lord reigns…

  21. Internet Troll says:

    This crap about people being brain dead is complete bullshit. It's just crap that doctors use to convince people to unplug their loved ones.

  22. Verna Morales says:

    You never know !! Soooo happy he came back Young man if you see this post l wish you JOY .I LOVE RESPONSE ABOUT YOU SAYING:NO EXPLANATION BUT GOD !!!!! PREACH YOUNG SERVANT!!!!!!

  23. John Williams says:

    I wonder if the skull fractures allowed oxygen to get to his brain.

  24. Aisha Euston says:

    But God yes sir young man the drs say no but God my God what a mighty God we serve

  25. Michael H says:

    Actually doctors were confused when they found strange signals on the machine.

    People in Alabama are typically flat when it comes to brain activity.

  26. Super Doubleyou says:

    nobody can recover from brain death. this is just a case of the media misconstruing medical diagnosis, like they always do.

  27. latisha mitchell says:

    I maybe the only one who came here to this glorious and miraculous story indeed with the prayers and hope that DMX could possibly recover!!!We have to believe in miracles and keep the faith…

  28. Laura says:

    Waooo the mom does not mention God but he does… the bible says that the kids will forever
    See God and will always be welcome on the Lords of Him. God is good God is great and eternal.

  29. T RQ says:

    God does not belong in medicine and should not be said by a doctor as a reason for anything happening

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