Midnight Mass 1×05 – Riley's Death Scene (1080p)

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44 Responses

  1. thefatman69fude says:

    When the end credits was just her screaming. Fuck that was brilliant. They went for the gut hard. And it was brave story telling to kill the protagonist early on like this. Solidified that Riley isn't just the main character. All these people are equally as important.

  2. Mr Red Herring says:

    Already teared up the whole scene through, but then i really bursted into tears when the lightning changed and suddenly the young girl was sitting in the boat, for the first time smiling instead of looking like angry ghost lady. Such a beautiful, beautiful transition.

  3. Anonemess says:

    What a nice engaging but spoiler free title

  4. Narniak69 says:

    Son of God
    Blood boils
    Hell on Earth
    Sun of God

  5. Ra's Al says:

    notice the melody in the background, it's the same one as the final episode (Neared my God, to thee) . Very nice touch Flanagan !

  6. Kerrin Mangan says:

    just realized the song here is the same one they sing at the end going to cry again

  7. rebound TTV says:

    Using Nearer my God to Thee is an absolute GUT PUNCH.

  8. Jack Kramme says:

    "I did my best"

  9. Craig Waylan says:

    It's a good thing his burning corpse didn't set the boat on fire, or this would have been a very different story…

  10. death by machine gun says:

    Riley dying made me cry and I'm a grown man

  11. TheAnomaly963 says:

    "I did my best."

    Phenomenal series

  12. Alex Vitarius says:

    keeping erins screams going as the credits played was a genius call…

  13. ArielMX 99 says:

    In my opinion, the episode should have ended with that scene of Riley forgiven for the girl he killed, a very emotional scene.
    In the next chapter they could have started with how Riley burned and she screamed

  14. m3rrys0ngstr3ss says:

    I just realized that the music playing when Riley sees Tara-beth is another setting of "Nearer My God to Thee" that his parents sing with the other congregants in the finale.

  15. C Mac says:

    Powerful , POWERFUL scene ….he sacrificed for Love ✨

  16. Jon Healey says:

    I did my best… I did my best.
    That really hit me hard.

  17. EBGTUTT says:

    He died a peaceful death redeeming himself for the accident and also forgiven by god and the girl

  18. Catherine Carr says:

    I wasn’t going to watch…swearing allegiance to Chapelwaite. What an absolutely beautifully written and performed series and this scene, everyone of you hit the nail. I weep every time. Mostly during the victim’s forgiveness and taking him to his peaceful death.

  19. Gustavo Adolfo Vera says:

    No la supero! Y Kate Siegel definitivamente es la Scream Queen de nuestra época ♥️

  20. KazamaJinthebasedgod says:

    30 days of night anyone?

  21. Tim Charx says:

    If you listen the music pinao you realize that that's the song everyone sing in the finale scene.

  22. Kyle Hopkins says:

    I just noticed the piano theme playing is Nearer My God To Thee I didn’t notice that the fist time

  23. Ok says:

    I still don't understand how he catches fire but not the boat

  24. MrGepeto1998 says:

    Her screaming reminds me of the scene from hereditary where the mom finds out her daughter died

  25. Gar Red says:

    Just finished watching Midnight Mass and what a tv show. A proper grown-up tv show. This scene, well everyone in the comments have highlighted why it is so special. However, I'll always remember the scene where they discuss their beliefs on what happens when you die, think it was the episode before this, which was truly masterful film making. I was captivated with that scene and dialogue. Never heard of Flanagan but I'll certainly be checking some of his other works.

  26. o casuísta says:

    Bolivian tv could have produced a more realistic ocean…

  27. jace_89 says:

    The way her scream continued far into the credits. I must've rewinded this scene so many times.

  28. C S says:

    Riley faced with the prospect of eternal life, quickly and calmly decides to end it because of the life he took. Gotta respect him for that.

  29. Penny Lane says:

    When I tell you I sobbed

  30. MaxZout says:

    I kind of figured it out when he mentioned earlier that his dream with her on the boat always stopped right before sunrise.

    Such a beautiful scene.

  31. KmiiVC says:

    fuck. still the best scene in the entire show.

  32. Barbie-Q , says:

    How long did it take for him to burn up? Did he have time to feel any pain or did he just die in an instant?

  33. J M says:

    Riley took one life unjustly, and gave his own to save countless more in repentance.

  34. valar says:

    At first I wasn't sure what he was going to do. Then I thought he was going to jump in the water and drown himself. It wasn't until just before the sun actually appeared that I realized what he was really going to do. Good goddamn, well done!

  35. Gumbiman says:

    Funniest part of the whole thing.

  36. Vasu Kaushik says:

    He's death made no sense at all
    Could've just told his parents or stayed there and helped

  37. WMO88 says:

    This came as a shock to me. Her screaming and crying throughout the credits was emotional and impactful

  38. Zac Forbes says:

    This is the most shocking thing I have ever seen

  39. Frankie Armas says:

    the score …

  40. Mitchell Armstrong says:

    I'm glad that they showed Riley in the afterlife because it confirms Erin's thoughts on death, and that Riley had "hoped she was right"

  41. Akai Tsutomu says:

    One of the most beautiful deaths on film that I’ve ever seen

  42. OwO says:

    While extremely sad, this scene is also extremely beautiful

  43. nosoykawaii says:

    0:20 this is kind of how the sky looks when i'm dreaming

  44. Eduardo Zarazúa says:

    mi escena favorita de midnight mas!….. llore demasiado, el " I did my best" justo antes de morir… me encanta!

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