Merrick Garland Gets Grilled Over Domestic Terrorism Claims | The Charlie Kirk Show LIVE 10.21.21

The Charlie Kirk Show is LIVE on Salem Radio Stations across the country with breaking coverage of the ongoing Capitol Hill hearing where Biden Regime AG Merrick Garland is getting held to account for his outrageous directive to treat parents as Domestic Terrorists simply for standing up to their school boards.

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36 Responses

  1. Chris B says:

    As a parent, I get weekly reminders from school emails on how crucial parent’s involvement is in their child’s education. So when the parent actually gets involved, are parents only doing the right thing if they agree with the agenda?

  2. Marie Manella says:

    MG ~
    The Grilling is spot on,
    CRT Loses●
    ~$76 Million profiting conflicted money Trail Matters

    American children at Schools aceoss america Deserve Better
    and NOT CRT▪︎

    Kinda like Pete Butiledge
    work history of a mayor of a
    small 100,000 populated city
    to then being appointed as Transportation Sec.,,
    Another cronie appointment.

  3. surrounded by fools says:

    I don't think "parents didn't care about what their children were being taught", rather, they TRUSTED & Assumed it was the same as when they went to school.
    Just like everything else: They betrayed us.

  4. John Conover says:

    Garland is doing exactly what Biden does!

  5. John Conover says:

    Merritt Garland is another beta boy like Jim Comey

  6. Trudy Farabee says:

    Thanks Charlie!!

  7. Gawkyman says:

    wow, just wow.. you guys are pulling stuff out of your ass to make money.. griffters

  8. Ajax Fernsby says:

    This babbling fool is the kind of person the Democrats want to pack the court with. Imagine a Supreme Court with 18 of these defective droids.

  9. John Quinlan says:

    Obama has been paid by netflix he has a production company

  10. kacee baby says:

    Tick Tock thumbs downers. The time for your reckoning is right around the corner. NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING! JUSTICE IS COMING FOR ALL THOSE WHO ABUSED THEIR POWER!

  11. MegaLangosta says:

    Why the hell are police still obeying orders like this? Who's giving the orders?

  12. Matty Fatty says:

    No amount of talking is ever gonna change anything

  13. Gary Schultz says:

    The word CORRUPTION doesn't
    cover the nest of snakes in the federal gov today….we need to invent a new word….

  14. Yen Ho says:

    Thank you for your response on the Philly incident. I too was disgusted by the bystanders who didn't even call the police. If it happens closer to the safer communities in the Philly suburbs like Montgomery and Chester counties, I will fight. I will not be a bystander!

  15. Terry Copeland says:

    Garland doesn't know anything about anything that is going on. It makes me sick to know what bidenettes administration is doing to our country.

  16. Drum N’Bass says:

    I just have refute what Charlie said about Dave Chappell. That he’s “objectively funny” That’s an impossibility. Humor is personal and therefore subjective. No one can be objectively funny. Other than that I agree with a lot of the other things he said, except “Dave Chappell is objectively funny”

  17. freedomrules javier says:

    Again, Jan 6th will go down as our 2nd Independence day as more and more fight back against the Deep State and the elitist /globalist Masters.

  18. donnafrflorida56 says:

    I used to ride this train.

  19. CeeCee says:

    I’m from Washington state and we ALL hate Jyapal or whatever her name is! Can’t explain why she keeps winning in our “mail in ballots only” elections!!

  20. Ameydusa1 says:

    The WORST assault??? How do? No one was even armed.

  21. Joseph says:

    Keep in mind, Merrick garland is the man they nominated to the supreme court under the guise of him being a neutral democrat!

  22. Smooth Operator Brown says:

    Go North Dakota!

  23. Sharon Thompson says:

    Latest from Australia

    QLD camps

  24. Mike Welsh says:

    My ancestors came here in 1732 fought in the revolutionary war and all the wars since, that freedom is my birth right, I resent any official or bureaucrat dictating me doing anything against my will. I will not comply. Let's go Brandon!

  25. Peter Block says:

    ¿Well, charlie, you certainly aren't hiding your radical, craven extremism, are you?

  26. Phillipians One16 Andtwo13 says:

    Porn permeates society like a poisonous snake. The effects of this deviance has rendered those who partake of it morally paralized and spiritually worthless.

  27. Sunday School Network says:

    This administration and tech oligarchy are thoroughly corrupt.

  28. Phillipians One16 Andtwo13 says:

    When will be Jesus' imminent return? When the hearts of the fathers return to the sons [children] [Malachi 4:6] This is what makes the ungodly nervous as they resist the judgment of God against them. The Word of God will never go out and return void. He shall accomplish what the Father has decreed. Amen.

  29. Dragon Slayer says:

    Merrick Garland IS the threat to this Country we DON'T want or need! Who investigates the investigator?

  30. Jerry Wiessner says:

    4 relentless years of made up crimes against Trump, IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH. Now we have a President that has blatantly committed crimes against the people of the U.S.A., and nobody is doing anything about it. What has happened to our country?

  31. Rubbahworm says:

    I wish he’d do what Kurt Cobain did to himself

  32. LasVegas Ginger says:

    I just met my new neighbor looking to buy a house in Nevada- I shared with him that Nevada is Marxist and corrupt, I told him about Garlands CRT scheme in Nevada schools and how hes threatening parents with the FBI- literally an hour ago- He asked if I believed in QAnon….hahahahahaha- Im sure he thinks Im nuts , or hes FBI. He asked "where are you getting your information?" hahahahaha I told him "Sky News" on youtube.

  33. Dougal2477 says:

    I’m from the UK and it’s going that way here. Let’s go Brandon!

  34. Apropos says:

    Does that father who got arrested need or have a gofundme?

  35. Awake 1975 says:

    Revolution 2022

  36. 60 Something says:

    Raskin is an idiot, he assumes all those parents are Republicans/Conservatives.

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