Mercy Hospital shooting, Chicago: Live updates as police respond to active shooter

Police responded to reports of multiple victims from a shooting near a Chicago hospital Monday afternoon, according to Chicago police. At least one officer has been shot and is in critical condition, police said.

For live updates:

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22 Responses

  1. gordon thickman plays says:

    damn he needs a medic bag

  2. McPuff says:

    Code Silver intensifies

  3. Julio Bonet says:

    oh come on?? first they have a shootout killing 4 dead officers and injured doctors REALLY?????????????????? now there gonna close….. WOOOOOOOW mercy hospital R.I.P

  4. Lord pelican says:

    I like food

  5. Nicole Su says:

    I was at BK when this happend

  6. BAM BAM says:

    FAKE FAKE FAKE..FAKE.drills posed as real to sheep sheep sleep

  7. Kay Cee says:

    Mental illnesses is real so is temporarily insane . You can’t reason with either.

  8. Voxi Vox says:

    i need healing

  9. Carpa says:

    This has always been one of my biggest fears. My dad is in the hospital all the time for medical treatments and medical problems they have never happened to another single person on this planet. It would be horrifying to see him fight for this long and his life then be taken away by someone else. My heart goes out to all the families involved. I cannot imagine the pain you are going through.

  10. Coin Flipper says:

    No Mercy.

  11. Mikiyah says:

    My mom works there she did not have work that day

  12. Quantum Physics says:

    he went to grab some blood for a book

  13. Young King says:

    I’m just watching to see if I see myself lol seen where I live, but damn cam don’t go close to the zone to see me smh

  14. Iancit0x2006XD says:

    Payday 2 has been detected

  15. SneakyP says:

    He plays too much Payday 2

  16. ROCKSTAR JACK says:


  17. Petar Toshkov says:

    Somebody played too much payday…

  18. Gordo says:

    When tf did this happen

  19. mariofalz says:

    We're here to draw some blood from a guy they have in quarantine…

  20. ExotikZBoy17 says:

    My cousin works here thankfully he was off.

  21. Dickerson Azard says:

    Maybe he asked for car keys

  22. ExposingGamin says:

    Lol who’s shooting hospitals now?

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