Medical Examiner Says Ahmaud Arbery Was ‘Dead Before He Hit the Ground’

In Georgia. a medical examiner says that Ahmaud Arbery was dead before his body hit the ground.

Dr. Edmund Donoghue said Arbery was hit by two of the three shotgun blasts fired at him. He said both gunshots caused severe bleeding, and either wound could have killed the Black 25-year-old.

Jurors also saw autopsy photos that showed Arbery’s white T-shirt stained entirely.

The jury also saw close-up photos of his injuries, including several large cuts to Arbery’s face from when he fell facedown in the street.

According to Dr. Donoghue, thirteen shotgun pellets exited Arbery’s back, and 11 more were recovered from his wounds.

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38 Responses

  1. michel boudreau says:

    These three men are victims of black racisms. When something happens to a black person you always hear them cry racisms . Childish

  2. frances simmonds says:

    This is ALL about race. Had Armand been white this would never have happened.

  3. frances simmonds says:

    He was shot in the back!?

  4. Anonymous says:

    He was afraid, because kkk was after him, chasing him, blocking him, and they probably was saying something to him, he was scared and trying to get away……you don't approach anyone that way, calling names, guns, chasing you like in the( movies. ).Please

  5. margaret johnson says:

    if those racist monsters are not convicted and harshly sentenced i hope the repercussions are drastic. i don't want violence, but letting those monsters go is insane.

  6. V frmr says:

    Those guys are wicked. They believe they are God. God will show them.☹️ They are conditioned to kill and lie.

  7. Danelle Bellamy says:

    What would have been powerful is if pastors of all colors and cultures came in support of the Aubrey family, not just “black” pastors as the silly attorney mentioned.

  8. Ellis Reese says:

    Look f what the jury says..if they let them go we need to take care of our business period

  9. Sharon Reap says:

    Robbie lawyer upset because its no plea deal on table for this murder

  10. Kaylee avocado says:

    Kaka pe te santi… Pouri… Pouri… Mezanmi

  11. W.A. FLOURNOY says:

    I don't believe that… I don't believe he's any more ethical than the system and Real Americans that summarily executed that young son of our community, Ahmaud Arbery.

  12. TheShabazzProduction says:

    It was murder and they should go to prison for life.

  13. Jean Nieves says:

    Why can’t Black Clergymen be
    There for support

  14. bigfoottrucking Kornegay says:

    At the end of the day when it's all over said and done the hatred is going to be their downfall think about it God almighty

  15. Always Something says:

    I know when my cousins and I were young we walked through a house being built just to see what was going on and we did it more than once. We knew there was nothing we could have stolen but just curious

  16. Always Something says:

    How that lawyer tried to say he was afraid of being caught, caught from what? From jogging in the neighborhood cause he didn't do anything. He didn't have anything on him so yes he was afraid of being caught and killed

  17. mystic22 G says:

    Ahmaud Arbery was running because he had stolen three 65 Inch televisions including jewelry all were hidden under his shirt. When these 3 white guys caught up with Arbery, he ran back to the vacant house put back the televisions and jewelry and when they caught up with Arbery they demanded to know what he had done with the stolen goods. A struggle ensued Arbery grabbed the gun and shot himself. It was all caught on camera. Just like January 6 when Americans were peacefully touring the Capitol it was all on video. Case closed.

  18. IMSPECIAL2 says:

    Artery didn't stand a chance, he was haunted dog like animal. This is unacceptable.

  19. PA 10 says:

    Are their any black celebrities supporting this Mother in any form… Other that Rev. Jessie Jackson. As much money we have dished out to support them you would think they would be breaking the news channels and Social Media. I hope we know how to handle that going forward. I don't need to spell it out, do I.

  20. Tonette Lewis says:

    The defense claims that the medical examiner "don't know what he don't know". While that is true. he does know what he can see and hear. Arbury was afraid of those white men. Its plain to see.

  21. stonedog23 says:

    The son lied on the stand today. He said that after Ahmaud was shot that he kept coming. Now the medical examiner contradicted that by saying that the brother was dead before he hit the ground. Caught in a serious lie.

  22. philomena williams says:


  23. Diedra Alston says:

    Lord please be with the family.

  24. Kelly A says:

    I have been watching the trial. It is heart breaking.

  25. Kamil M says:

    This is just so sad. Rip brother! I hope these MURDERS go to JAIL FOR LIFE!

  26. Dondatta Ford says:

    What audacity to tell people who they family is this about keeping blacks out of anything same criminal thinking they used to kill Ahmad Abury

  27. Ochil says:

    That's what the defense lawyers wanted, to get pastors there to protest to try and get a mistrial.

  28. Tommy Graves says:

    Why are we always trying to have a conversation about this shit…. Why doesn’t anybody every bust back… they don’t understand talk they only understand violence so why not make some allies and then get an understanding with these people. Aren’t you tired of being afraid for your sons?

  29. Robert Sutton says:

    It is a trick. Don't fall for it. All of you are correct. But all these people showing up want change the jury minds. Don't give these folks a chance to throw this case.

  30. Solo 93 says:

    The law is in the hands of the wicked.

  31. Miguel A ramos jr says:

    Just like the INQUISITION…

    Twist a lie and then make it sound like the others are BAD !!!!!!!!

  32. T Dawkins says:

    Wouldn't be surprised if all 3 defendants are KKK members. Racists assholes think it is their job to "police" non whites.

  33. Jay Jay says:

    The father/son attempted to make a citizen's arrest after spotting Arbery fleeing (after he was spotted/startled by a neighbor) from the direction of the house that had recently/repeatedly been trespassed upon and from which – in particular, from a boat being store on its property – an item had recently been taken.

    They did this because Arbery fit the description recalled by the son, Travis, of someone he’d seen at the house several days prior, and who he thought may have had a gun (about which he placed a call to the police), as well as of the suspect seen on video at least four times prior. Furthermore, they did this because, according to court testimony, Travis saw the neighbor “’…conveying a clear message’ to the McMichaels, that Arbery was ‘the same guy’ who stopped by the property before… Matt Albenze, who was walking up the street, went like that [motioning a waving hand signal] to Travis and Greg… Greg walks into the yard, actually, and sees Matt Albenze motioning down the street, in the same direction Arbery was running.”

    The above facts constitute a justifiable reason to conduct a citizen's arrest, based upon 1) Probable Cause: Arbery’s repeated, at one time observably surreptitious presence at the house (two weeks prior, when, as noted above, Arbery was hiding from the son, who thought he may have had a gun on him), which would indicate to any rational person that his intent was likely to steal – i.e., that he was committing at least attempted burglary, a felony; and 2) Immediate Knowledge: The McMichaels seeing their neighbor, Matt Albenze – in effect, the epistemic nexus for the McMichaels, tying together Arbery, Arbery’s flight, the house, and thus his putative intentions therein that day – motion with his hands toward the fleeing Arbery while he was calling the police on him, thus, in the McMichaels’ mind, logically connecting Arbery in that moment with the above, rationally inferrable offense of having committed actual or attempted burglary within the house.

    As to self-defense, the son drew his [legal] weapon on a fast-approaching Arbery because 1) as a precaution, due to his aforementioned eye-witness recollection of seeing Arbery at the house several days prior with what, in his mind, may have been a gun; and 2) seeing Arbery presently holding a foreign object (which he subsequently tossed during his flight, after “Roddy” yelled, “Drop it! Drop it!”), which the son may well have inferred was a gun – that is to say, two justifiable reasons for him to have drawn his shotgun on Arbery. Arbery, then, suddenly and violently attacked the son, who, in turn, defended himself with said firearm, resulting in Arbery's untimely, albeit self-precipitated death… Case closed.

  34. Tony White says:

    Let me see, so now we as black people are afraid of being caught. The past isn't just the past it's now the present cause they're back to chasing black people once again these court cases surely will bring it out.

  35. Ruby Ahlo-ruiz says:

    White supremisist have been doing this way too long to all people of color. No ands ifs or butts about it. Bottom line.

  36. Ruby Ahlo-ruiz says:

    White supremisist have been doing this to All people of color, no ands ifs or Buts about it.

  37. J H says:

    A new one! The medical examiner claims Arbery killed himself!

  38. Lavonne Washington says:

    Right on sister

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